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5 parts of Celebration of Sunday. Part I – Resurrection of Christ (+video)

Post date:   2019-04-24
Autor:   BCP


5 parts of Celebration of Sunday 

Part  I – Resurrection of Christ



The Resurrection of Christ

a) Reflection on God’s Word

Turn your eyes towards the sky of stars. Millions of stars. They all move according to laws established by God. And how big they are! The Sun is 1.300.000 times as large as our Earth. Sirius is 8 times larger than the Sun and there are even bigger celestial bodies! The Milky Way is 20.000 light years away. Many other constellations are millions of light years away. One can observe wonderful laws on our little Earth too: conditions for life, the mystery of life and its transmission, the wonders of animal instincts. The mystery of human life: immune system, activity of the brain or heart or lungs, nervous system, sight. Moreover, the mystery of mental and spiritual life, desire for happiness, conscience… A series of wonders! Belief in Darwin’s atheistic ideology is contrary to critical science and reason. By our reason we come to a knowledge of the invisible Creator, the Author of the creation. There are miracles all around us. Let us open our eyes! God works miracles in our lives as well.


Another miracle is the Resurrection of Christ! Divine mysteries are not contrary to reason but rather beyond the range of reason.

In spirit we can see the stone tomb at Calvary. During Saturday night it is guarded by the Roman soldiers. The chief priests and Pharisees said to Pilate about the dead Jesus: “While He was still alive, He said: ‘After three days I will rise!’ Therefore command that the tomb be made secure.” (Mt 27:63-65)

The night is silent. At one moment His body, which thus far had been lying in the tomb, was raised and changed. This changed body passed through the stone tomb because it was no longer subject to physical laws.


The moment of the Resurrection confirmed that the Gospel of Christ is true and that Christ is true God. It took place in absolute silence and secrecy. Not even the guards knew when Christ had come out of the tomb.


Jesus Christ died and rose again. Each of us encounters the reality of death. Even your relatives will once stand at your graveside and mourn. Dark graves give us a fright. Jesus, however, assures us that we shall be raised. Our body of Christ. This promise is for everyone who has received Christ and belongs to Him. What immense joy for us! Jesus is risen indeed! And we too shall be raised and partake of the infinite happiness and joy in heaven.


b) Recitation of God’s Word (5 min):

We all repeat: “Christ is risen from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.” (1Cor 15:20)


c) Prayer according to God’s Word (5 min):

We all say together: “Christ is risen!”, and one of us adds: “He is risen indeed!


d) Song (5 min):

During the song, I rejoice by faith in the Resurrection of Christ.

Song: “Jesus our Lord is Alive”



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