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The spirit of Assisi

Post date:   2010-03-14
Autor:   BCP


His Holiness

Benedict XVI

Città del Vaticano


The spirit of Assisi


Your Holiness,

we send You a series of documentary photographs and statements witnessing to the so-called mission of John Paul II, which opened the Church to the spirit of paganism, the spirit of New Age and the spirit of apostasy. For this great offence and crime against the Church this Pope should be posthumously excommunicated and not beatified. Openness to apostasy through paganism began with the Nostra aetate declaration of the Second Vatican Council (1965). All propagators of a “new gospel”, especially within the Church, constantly appeal to this declaration.

Let us put an essential question: Did the Second Vatican Council open the door to syncretism with paganism through this declaration? The fruit gives the answer: Yes, it did. In such case the whole Council is false in that it stood against the two-thousand-year-old Tradition of the Catholic Church and against the essence of the Holy Scripture. If we want to save the Christian doctrine of the infallibility of the Council, it must be authoritatively proved and declared that this declaration was misused through inaccurate formulations. Unfortunately, Pope John Paul II confirmed the misinterpretation of the Nostra aetate declaration by his deeds. The culmination was the apostatical gesture in Assisi in the years 1986 and 2002. That it was no isolated error is also confirmed by the gestures which preceded and followed ‘the Assisi event’ and thus brought the whole Church to confusion. This apostatical spirit has spread throughout the world and has not spared even the monasteries. Instead of witnessing to Jesus, the only Saviour, and saving the souls from eternal perdition through conversion and repentance there has been an opposite path marked out – a path of apostasy! The fruit of this apostasy within the Church is the spread of demoralization through homosexuality and paedophilia, which has affected even the key positions. This spirit of apostasy has caused desecration of the whole Church. This is not a question of isolated cases but of a whole stream which nowadays is no longer tolerated only but even preferred. And that is a tragedy. Who is most responsible for it is Pope John Paul II. The adherents of syncretism along with liberal theologians are exerting extremely great pressures in order to achieve canonization of John Paul II as soon as possible at any cost! What aim are they pursuing? His canonization will in essence be confirmation of an apostatical line which he introduced in the Church through his bad example. This beatification and canonization will be a gesture which will deny the very essence of the Church and no longer allow true biblical repentance. And that is a crime because this path ends in hell.

Throughout the history of the Old-Testament Church God punished the chosen people for spiritual adultery, i.e. syncretism with other religions. This is the principal line of the whole Holy Scripture, because it concerns the essence of the faith. Man either opens his heart to true God or worships creatures and demons. The same critical attitude towards idolatry is in the New Testament too. This basic necessity of a true relationship to God has also been emphasized by the whole Christian tradition for 2000 years.

The present-day Church is to blame most for moral decay of Europe, America as well as of other nations. The responsibility for the laws of homo-sexuality in the European Union falls on the apostatical Catholic hierarchy. Therefore at the present time God demands from us the most elementary thing: repentance. The Church must turn away from false reverence for idolatry and from the spirit of unbelief connected with so-called historical-critical theology. The Church nowadays is obliged to repent, that means to concentrate all her efforts on the essence – conversion and the following of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Holiness, in case You let Yourself be manipulated by the great pressure which is being brought to bear upon You and unless You cancel the planned beatification, the punishment of God’s excommunication will fall upon You too for unity with another gospel (cf. Gal 1:8-9). Thus, publicly before the whole Church, You will separate from Christ, excommunicate Yourself from the Church and fall under God’s curse. Supposing You died in this state of impenitence, You would be eternally condemned. Realize that You are 83 years old, and the Church is looking at You with great hope that You will start that which is most important – the internal renewal of the Catholic Church. The first step to this must be cancellation of the planned beatification and on the other hand, public repentance for the gesture of Assisi as well as for all offence caused by John Paul II. This is what God, and also the bleeding Church, demand of You today.

Documentary part and the final letter to follow.


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