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Announcement and warning to the Catholic and Orthodox Patriarchs

Post date:   2011-04-13
Autor:   BCP


                                      Announcement and warning


                           to the Catholic and Orthodox Patriarchs



Your Beatitude!


a) We hereby announce to You that by reason of a deep crisis in the Catholic Church and for the sake of defence of the saving faith the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) was established. This Patriarchate is headed by Patriarch Elijah (65). Those Catholic believers who are not in agreement with heresies and with the apostatical hierarchy are thus given patronage of an orthodox structure of the Catholic Church. The BCP dissociates itself from the contemporary heresies.

The seat of the Patriarchate is in Lvov, Ukraine.


b) The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is in true communion with Your Patriarchate in the biblical and apostolic faith free from all heresies as well as from the spirit of apostasy. Together with You we condemn all ancient as well as modern heresies, particularly those connected with the current historical-critical method which, in essence, denies the inspiration of the Scripture, all miracles, the Divinity of Christ as well as His historical and real Resurrection. We also condemn the spirit of Assisi which declares implicitly that Christianity and paganism are equal ways to salvation. This is ‘haeresis maxima’.


c) Beatification of John Paul II on 1 May 2011

By his official gestures John Paul II changed faith for heresies. He undermined practically all central dogmas of Christianity. He should be posthumously excommunicated. His beatification is an official placement of the spirit of antichrist on the altar. If Pope Benedict XVI beatifies him, ipso facto he will excommunicate himself from the Church according to Gal 1:8. From that day on the Catholic Church will be in a ‘sedes vacantis’ (vacant seat) state.


d) All official Church representatives who will attend this apostatical event will draw down on themselves God’s anathema (cf. Gal 1:8). The same applies to the Assisi meeting in October 2011. Our Patriarchate will be forced to publicly announce the names of those Church representatives who will have fallen under God’s anathema. Your Beatitude, be brave and radically dissociate Yourself from both apostatical events. Be aware, too, that You will thus cause Your believers to stumble and consequently many of them will separate from You.


If You remain faithful to Christ and His teaching, our communion with You will persist.


                                          + Elijah



           + Timothy OSBMr                         + Methodius OSBMr

                        Secretaries of the Patriarchate


                                                                                                                                               Lvov, 7 April 2011



-         Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

-         Announcement to President of Ukraine, Members of the Government and Parliament of Ukraine

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