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Totalitarian sect – UOGCC or UGCC?

Post date:   2011-11-18
Autor:   Synod UO GCC


                            Totalitarian sect – UOGCC or UGCC?


On 27-28 October 2011, ex-Bishops of the UGCC (Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church) and RCC (Roman-Catholic Church) met together to discuss how to eliminate competition, namely the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church (UOGCC). UOGCC has applied to the state for legal registration for more than two years. Throughout the period the leadership of the apostatical UGCC has exerted systematic and intense pressure on state authorities in order to prevent this registration of the orthodox Catholic Church by any means. And then they state hypocritically: “UOGCC is not registered because it is a dangerous totalitarian sect similar to the White Brotherhood.” The meeting was closed on 28 October 2011 with a press conference and with an appeal to the Catholic believers, the Government and the President based on lies and manipulations with the purpose of eliminating the orthodox Church (UOGCC).


What spirit of hateful frenzy is behind these apostate bishops! They are no more afraid to lie publicly in their so-called pastoral letters read out in the churches. Spreading their monstrous lies via the mass media, they deceive the whole Ukrainian society.


The Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church (UOGCC) was established in 2009. The reason for the establishment was the great persecution of faithful Catholics by the apostatical UGCC hierarchy.


Today the apostatical UGCC hierarchy kills Christ and the Church “in the name of Christ”! It has turned into a totalitarian sect, but it purposefully uses this term to refer to the orthodox Catholic Church and its bishops. It holds all priests and believers under the sway of totalitarianism.


This year, several Anglican bishops and priests have converted to the Catholic Church. The Anglican Church tolerated their free choice, as provided by the Bill of Rights on freedom of conscience and religion. The charters of rights are observed even by the Ukrainian legislation, but the UGCC has already for two years exerted influence on state authorities and forced them into violating these basic rights.


The apostatical hierarchy violates the conscience of Catholic priests and forces them to accept heresies which deny the essence of faith. It also forces them to adopt the spirit of apostasy which drives out the Holy Spirit and thus degrades their priesthood, since, as a result, the sacraments administered by them are invalid. False obedience to the apostatical hierarchy means disobedience to God and leads the priests, religious and believers into committing spiritual suicide. This suicidal process initiated by Catholic apostate bishops leads to the spiritual, moral and physical autogenocide not only of the Catholics but of all Ukraine. The ultimate end is the loss of the saving faith and eternal damnation in hell. If a Catholic priest or believer wants to get out of the claws of this deadly totalitarian system, the apostatical hierarchy puts psychological pressure on him, and if he does not succumb, they use even physical violence threatening his life. These are the methods of a totalitarian sect.




In 2010, Fr. Roman Shelepko, OSBM, former superior of the monastery in Pidhirtsi, died in Chortkiv. In 2007, together with the monks from Pidhirtsi he built a small church on the edge of Chortkiv. On Sunday, 7 November 2010, Divine Liturgy was celebrated in his memory in this church by an orthodox Catholic bishop. It was attended by religious sisters and believers. During the Liturgy І. Senkiv, a priest of the UGCC, broke into the church on the instructions of the UGCC episcopate. He started provoking and tried to interrupt the Liturgy. What right had he to do so? The church did not belong to the UGCC! These are the methods of a totalitarian sect.


On Monday, the feast of St. Demetrius, Bishop Markian celebrated the Liturgy in this same church for the orthodox Catholic believers. Thereafter, a priest commissioned by the UGCC bishop celebrated the Liturgy for a group specially organized by him. The orthodox faithful made a concession; although the church was their property, they provided it for an alternate use. They had the statute and keys as well as the results of the parish council which showed that more than half of the parishioners wanted an orthodox Catholic leadership. During the night, the adherents of the apostatical UGCC hierarchy broke the door locks by force and changed them. These members of the UGCC threatened the UOGCC believers in Chortkiv with death and eventually dissolved them. These are the methods of a totalitarian sect.


The orthodox faithful announced that they would celebrate the Liturgy in memory of Fr. Roman on the ninth day after his death at least in the front of the church. Chortkiv administrator D. Hryhorak mobilized boys from the cantors’ school, seminarians from Ivano-Frankivsk and former Hare Krishna sect leaders. When it got dark, this group of the UGCC started beating the religious sisters, knocked some of them to the ground and kicked them. One of the sisters who had a tumour was even in danger of life. These are the methods of a totalitarian sect!


Later on, the UGCC group commented on that violent action that the sisters had given a beating to seminarians! People did believe that absurdity because it was the official statement of the UGCC hierarchy. Those lies were even circulated in the religious journals. This is a method of a totalitarian sect.


On Saturday, Bishop Markian celebrated the Liturgy for Fr. Roman quite far from the church since the orthodox faithful were no longer allowed to approach it. When the sisters wanted to return to the house where they lived as tenants, the UGCC group, along with the former members of the Hare Krishna sect, were trying to prevent them from entering the house till late evening. This is a violation of basic human rights; this is a sign of a totalitarian sect. Finally, they threw the sisters’ belongings out into the street and with the use of psychological and physical pressure, under constant threats and intimidation, they pushed them to the bus station. This is a method of a totalitarian sect!


When the sisters applied to the public authorities for defence, they sent Mr Kulchytskyi, Head of the Religious Department in Ternopol, who, however, did nothing but watch the lynching.


On Sunday 14 November, the orthodox faithful were to celebrate the Liturgy just in front of the church again. What did the totalitarian UGCC sect do? They organized several buses of men from different parishes and a group of seminarians and students of the cantors’ school, about 500 men altogether. The orthodox faithful had only one bus, so there were only about 50 of them there. The police had been informed about the celebration of the Liturgy beforehand. What happened? A fanaticized crowd of this dangerous totalitarian UGCC sect was like under hypnosis. It started to drive the peaceful believers by force from the public area about 100 metres from the church along the street up to the station. There, in wild frenzy, it pushed the handful of believers against the bus. It was only by miracle that they did not trample the sisters or the women under foot. The crowd fanaticized by the clergy in Chortkiv was shouting hateful slogans and throwing eggs at the windows of the bus as well as at the orthodox believers. This is a method of a totalitarian sect.


The injured sisters returned to their monastery in Probizhna. But even there the totalitarian UGCC sect zombified the peaceful believers from the village and set them against the sisters. The sisters called the police for help. The angry mob tried to prevent the sisters from entering their own monastery. They even threatened to pour petrol over the sisters and set them on fire. It was another psychological terror coupled with physical violence. This is a method of a totalitarian sect!


Finally the police broke the way through the crowd so that the sisters could enter the monastery. The furious mob remained in front of the monastery and after short time there came the seminarians together with the ex Hare Krishnas again. For two hours they continued chanting hateful slogans through megaphone and threatened that they would not let the sisters come out into the street or buy some bread in the store. This is a method of a totalitarian sect and religious discrimination against the orthodox believers.


The police guarded the monastery all night to avoid further violence. One would normally not be able to endure such psychological terror, threats, chanting and shouting through megaphone and the like.


On the following day inflammation of religious hatred and discrimination continued. The sisters were locked in the monastery by the UGCC group, which is contrary to civil rights. The monastery gate was fastened with a big padlock and the sisters were not allowed to leave the monastery. The main reason was to prevent the injured sisters from obtaining a forensic examination after the beatings. The UGCC group let no one enter or bring some food for the sisters. Discrimination continued practically until the end of the week. This is a method of the totalitarian sect of the UGCC.


The monastery superior from Lvov approached the Regional Council in Ternopol with a request that the police should intervene and stop the hateful action. However, Head of the Department for Religious Affairs in Ternopol, Mr Kulchytskyi, falsely informed state authorities in Kiev about alleged provocation on the part of the sisters from the monastery in Probizhna and proposed their dissolution.


The height of cunning in the methods of the totalitarian UGCC sect is that in the mass media they presented the religious sisters as criminals and they themselves assumed the role of innocent victims. This is a method of the totalitarian UGCC sect!


The police ignored all the complaints, though it was manifest religious discrimination coupled with physical violence and violation of civil rights.


After less than a year after the above-mentioned events, one of the seminarians tragically died in a car accident and his pregnant fiancée, who was badly injured, had a miscarriage. Was it a mere accident, or the finger of God?


Similar acts of violence and terror on the part of the UGCC were seen on Pluhova Street in Lvov this year. The sisters sold their apartment and bought a chapel which had served only as a storage facility. They put a new roof and the orthodox Catholic believers started to celebrate Divine Liturgies there. The apostates fanaticized the people who began to attack and expel them from their own property.


When the orthodox believers placed a cross on the roof of the chapel, several people incited by the totalitarian UGCC sect climbed onto the roof, removed the cross by force and threw it down. This is a method of the totalitarian sect of the UGCC which respects neither property rights nor civil rights nor even the cross as the symbol of Christianity. They publicly desecrated the cross. When the sisters called the Patriarch of the BCP (Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate) to the scene of event, this totalitarian sect immediately organized a mob that had only one goal – provocation, destruction of the camera and violent, ungrounded arrest of the Patriarch. The Patriarch was detained by the police without any reason. All aggressors, gathered around the chapel, however, remained unpunished. First, Father Patriarch was held at a police station for 14 hours with a deliberate purpose of spreading defamation about him via the mass media which were to publicly inform of detention of Head of the Patriarchate. The UGCC leadership then produced false witnesses against the Patriarch with the intention to make a criminal of him and forcibly deport him. At the demand of the totalitarian UGCC sect, television and other mass media provided false information. A defenceless victim was silenced, slandered and condemned. This is a method of psychological manipulation by a totalitarian sect!


The attacks by the UGCC continue.


This all was soon followed by pastoral letters issued by ex-Bishop Voznyak, disseminating lies and forcing the public authorities into stealing the sisters’ chapel. The UGCC hierarchy also appealed to the Mayor of Lvov to prevent celebration of Divine Liturgies in the chapel by way of court proceedings.


Hearing the news from Pakistan, where innocent Christians are lynched and their churches pulled down, one sees the same spirit behind it as behind the actions of the hierarchy of the UGCC. This apostatical hierarchy uses every possible means to destroy the faithful of the UOGCC. This is the logic of the spirit of Assisi and a method of the totalitarian sect of the UGCC which respects neither state laws nor the laws of God!


The statement of the UGCC and RCC hierarchy, issued on 28 October 2011, is based on gross denigration of the UOGCC and it is a colossal lie! The totalitarian sect of the UGCC pharisees assumes that people will believe whatever nonsense they say. In all the churches the believers hear mendacious and hateful pastoral letters read out again and again which form so-called public opinion. Mass media then magnify these absurd lies and hypocritically refer to the so-called official position of leadership of the UGCC.


The apostates of the UGCC force the government to eliminate their competitors – UOGCC.


                                                            + Markian OSBMr

                                           Archbishop and Secretary of the UOGCC


                                                                                                                                       Lvov, 11 November 2011




- President of Ukraine V. F. Yanukovych

- Prime Minister of Ukraine M. Y. Azarov

- Chairman of Parliament V. M. Lytvyn

- Members of the Government

- Members of Parliament

- Representatives of Christian Churches in Ukraine

- Mass media

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