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The heresies of Card. L. Husar

Post date:   2009-08-21
Autor:   Synod UO GCC


1) Card. Husar casts doubt on the eternity of hell by his statement: Noone will go to hell for ever. (A. Arzhakovskyi: Discussions with His Beatitude L. Husar. On Postconfessional Christianity. First edition, UCU Lvov, 2006, ISBN 966-8197-10-0, pg.61)But the Gospel teaches: “Broad is the way that leads to (eternal) destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” (Mt 7:13)Card. Husar: It is not so simple to think that a person who committed a grave mistake (grave sin), and even a very grave mistake (a very grave crime, falling away from God), has to suffer for ever (in hell). (pg.61)By contrast the Gospel says: “These will go away into eternal punishment.” (Mt 25: 46) The Church teaches the same: “If anyone says or holds that the punishment of the demons and of impious men is temporary, let him be anathema (excommunicated).” (DS 411) (Neither of the punishments is admitted by Card. Husar – pg. 61.)St. Basil the Great: “It is a demonic deceit that many people forget so frequent and clear words and statements of our Lord (about hell) and invent a kind of an end of the punishments so that they may have more courage to sin.” (Short Rules 267)Who says that hell is not eternal and that noone will go there is a liar and will end in hell along with those whom he deceived.

2) Card. Husar approves of homosexuality and presents a new teaching which contradicts the attitude of the Holy Scripture, Church Fathers and whole Tradition.The Scripture teaches: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” (Lev 18:22) “The Lord turned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into heaps of ashes and swept them off the face of the earth. He made them an example of what will happen to ungodly people.” (2Pt 2:6; cf. Jud 1:7; Gen 19:24-25)The Church teaches: Practising of homosexuality is a sin, a very serious sin. However, the Cardinal states: “They (homosexuals) can perform sexual activity of whatever kind.” (pg. 67) But this is a heresy.The fruit: Today some people in Ukraine are trying to organize so-called gay-parades and subsequently to attain legalization of homosexual marriages, which fact is now being seen in many EU states. In a critical moment homosexual activists will refer to the attitude of Card. Husar and noone from the UGCC will then be able to defend God’s law, otherwise one will be labelled as a rebel and enemy of the Church. Propagation of homosexuality by the Church authority is a means to a moral decay of the Church and nation.

3) Card. L. Husar divines by pendulum. He states: “It is an instrument which allows me to learn whether certain medical preparations are good for my health.” (pg. 63) The contemporary propagators of neopaganism speak about so-called energies. Through the approval of divination by pendulum the Church opens the door for all forms of divination and magic. Husar says: “I believe there exist some energies.” (pg. 63) Further, he himself admits that these “energies” transmitted to him information about the health of his mother who was several thousand kilometres far (pg. 63). He misleadingly compares these “energies” to radio waves. However, the energies which manifest themselves through divination and magic are occult “energies” – demons. The Scripture categorically prohibits any contact with them (cf. Deut 18:9-15; Acts 16:16-20). The Catechism of the Catholic Church, in compliance with the whole Christian Tradition, condemns all forms of magic and divination (CCC 2116-17). If L. Husar propagates theories of so-called “energies”, he in fact undermines the First Commandment of the Decalogue (cf. Ex 20:2-5) and calls down a curse upon the whole Church and nation!

4) Heresies about Jesus and the Virgin Mary. On pages 48-51 Card. Husar uses one-sided heretical statements and utters two heresies. One concerns Jesus Christ and the other the Mother of God. He purposefully emphasizes only the natural aspect: Jesus was “like any other man” (pg. 50). He does not emphasize the essence anywhere – that means, that Jesus is at the same time true God, of one Being with the Father, who died for our sins and is the only Saviour of mankind. On the contrary, he casts doubt upon the mystery of the Incarnation by comparing it to a pagan theatrical attraction called ‘Deus ex machina’ (pg. 48). He also insults the Mother of God by comparing her to a mythical woman Shakontali from the Upanishads (pg. 48), and then he even says about the Holy Virgin: “She was a good wife, a good neighbour. Simply, she was one of them and that is all.” (pg. 51)Contrary to this, the Church states: It is not all. “She is the All-Pure Virgin and the Birthgiver of God in proper and true sense.” (St. John Damascene)Heresy lies in the fact that Husar purposefully conceals that Jesus is God and emphasizes that He is only a man.

What is heresy?It is an overt or covert denying of or casting doubt upon the fundamental truths of the faith.

What is anathema?In accordance with God’s law (Gal 1:8-9) anathema is automatic excommunication from the Church by reason of proclamation of heresies, i.e. proclamation of a different gospel.

What is the essence of the true Gospel?The essence (foundation) is:1) Jesus is true God and true man2) Jesus died on the cross for our sins3) Jesus rose again from the dead on the third day, historically and reallyGod delivered His only Son to the death of the cross for us, that we might be saved. Everyone who repents obtains salvation by faith in Jesus.The one who casts doubt upon the essence of the Gospel and obstinately persists in heresy automatically falls under God’s curse – anathema.

Husar says: “We have a cruel notion of God... God’s grace works in such manner that noone will go to hell for ever.” (pg. 61) However, it is Husar who has a cruel notion of God, for he does not state anywhere that the Son of God died so that whoever believes in Him shall not go to hell. By rejecting Jesus who died on the cross for our sins he rejects even God’s mercy. He then adjusts all truths of faith and actual problems to his betrayal of Christ and invents all kinds of heretical theories, e.g. that hell is not eternal and that noone will go there. For his heresies – a different gospel – both he and those who accepted these heresies fell under God’s curse – anathema.We open up to true God’s mercy by genuine conversion and by giving our sins to Jesus who died for us on the cross.False Husar’s mercy does not point to sin, to the necessity of repentance and conversion, nor to Jesus in whom is the remission of sins and deliverance from eternal punishments. On the contrary, through a false conception of mercy Husar casts doubt on hell and falsely states that nobody will go there. Owing to his heresies, Card. Husar has already excommunicated himself from Christ’s Church. We just made this anathema public.

The way into one’s self (not to God)This is the title of a CD presenting an interview with Card. Husar. One is scandalized by his statement: “Money is the most important element – for what other protection do we have?” By contrast a Ukrainian proverb says: “Do not even step over the threshold without God.”As for bribery, one should ask: What is the current practice in the UGCC? It is a well-known fact that bribes are given for admission to seminary, for holy orders, for episcopal consecration, for assignment to a parish... An example is so-called “bricklets” by means of which the very last penny is psychologically squeezed out of the poorest widow. If one should bring to light Card. Husar’s financial machinations, only the very construction of the cathedral in Kiev would cause a great scandal. Next there is a question of the bank which L. Husar established and named “Pokrov” (English translation – Protecting Veil). In the opinion of some people it should rather bear the name “Pokrav” (English translation – has stolen much).In an interview for zaxit.net on 27th July 2009 Husar presented a new technique of stripping people of money, which is connected with the endless construction of the cathedral in Kiev. Husar says that people need to be offered something better and higher, and so expensive concert tickets are now on sale in the churches (each parish has to buy a fixed number of tickets).

The journalists also asked L. Husar about religious fanaticism. Husar replied: “So-called fundamentalism can be seen even among Catholics. It is a very dangerous phenomenon. It is hard to fight against, for these people are stubborn and blind.”Those who have a true faith and do not accept Husar’s “gospel” (heresies) are disparagingly called by him fundamentalists. A true belief in Christ, according to him, is a dangerous phenomenon. People who repent and wholly believe in the Gospel and in the teaching of the orthodox Catholic Church are, as he says, “stubborn and blind”. Husar is tolerant to Muslims and ready to permit them to build a mosque on St. George’s hill in Lvov (see his CD), but orthodox Christians are labelled by him as a dangerous phenomenon. His spokesman, Msgr. J. Milyan, expressed Husar’s views by publicly declaring that the orthodox are “a dangerous sect similar to White Brotherhood”, which needs to be liquidated!

By reason of Husar’s heresies the bishops of the orthodox Catholic Synod were forced to establish a new Church structure and to apply to state authorities for registration.What is the difference between the present Husar’s Church (UGCC) and the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church (UOGCC)?UOGCC has the teaching and tradition of the UGCC until the coming of L. Husar. UOGCC cannot share his heresies! So she is the true heir of the martyrish and orthodox UGCC! We beseech the faithful to pray for registration of the UOGCC.

Bishop Markian OSBM, Secretary of the UOGCC Synod

Lvov, 21st August 2009

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