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A copy of the official document which confirms that bishop Elias Anthonin Dohnal never cooperated with secret police

Post date:   2011-02-09


Translation of the  document:


                                    Ministry of Interior


No. BO-167/1-PL-2009                                                                                        In Prague, on 9th February 2009




                                      According to § 9, paragraph 1 of Act No. 451/1991 Coll.,

                                       which lays down several other requirements for certain

                              positions in state bodies and organizations of the Czech and Slovak

                                 Federal Republic, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic,



                                                                         I certify


                                                          that Mr Antonín Dohnal ThD.

                                                            born 7 June 1946 in Hluk



                                                                  was not recorded



                                              as the person referred to in § 2, paragraph 1,

                                                   pts. a) or b), of Act No. 451/1991Coll.



                                                                                                                                                  Josef Veselý JUD

                                                                                                                               Director of Security Committee



+ NB: It is a publicly known fact that Cibulka’s lists are not factual material because they do not contain only the names of KGB agents but also the names of those who were investigated by the KGB. Later on there were new lists issued which no longer contain the names of the aggrieved.









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