The abolition of the religious order Societas Iesu (+video)

Post date:   2019-12-10
Autor:   BCP
The need of the time requires an authoritative statement against the repeated apostate activities of the Society of Jesuits. The current line of the Jesuits and the spirit governing this religious order are at complete variance with the agenda of the founder and with the deposit of faith. Although this religious order greatly contributed to the restoration of the Church in the past, their spirit and agenda have changed over the last decades. Instead of defending faith and morals and striving for spiritual restoration, the Jesuits are doing the exact opposite. They no longer have the right to call themselves The Society of Jesus since they have opposed Jesus Christ and His Spirit. “If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.” (Rom 8:9)

C. M. Viganò’s response to the so-called House of the Abrahamic Family (+video)

Post date:   2019-12-03
Autor:   BCP
Carlo Maria Viganò compared this house to the Tower of Babel. He said: “The building of the House of the Abrahamic Family appears like a Babelesque enterprise, designed by the enemies of God, of the Catholic Church and of the only true religion capable of saving man and the whole creation from destruction, both present as well as eternal and definitive. The foundations of this (Babelesque) “House” are destined to give way and crumble. They arise precisely where, by the hands of the builders themselves, the Only Corner Stone is about to be removed: Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, on whom stands the House of God (1Cor 3:10).”  

The authoritative word of the true successor of the Apostle Peter (+video)

Post date:   2019-11-28
Autor:   BCP
The Patriarch and Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate proclaimed Archbishop Viganò as the rightful Pope. We referred to an extraordinary situation and to prophetic ministry in the Church. Someone can ask: Is Archbp. Viganò the rightful Pope or not? A similar situation is described in the Bible. The prophet Samuel anointed David king over Israel. King Saul knew about David’s anointing. But he would not respect God’s decision and give up power. Saul was aware that God had rejected him because Samuel had said it to him. But he still did not want to submit to God; on the contrary, he sought to kill David who was anointed by God. David had to hide, and then he had to fight and wait until the time was right for him to assume the office into which God had called him through the prophet.

Response to a hypocritical “Open letter by Bishop Schneider” (+video)

Post date:   2019-11-21
Autor:   BCP
“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Heb 4:12) Your Excellency, You exactly identify Bergoglio’s heresies and apostasy, yet You have imposed a false axiom on Catholics: An apostate Pope must stay in office. You are deceiving true Catholics! These souls are not in unity with the apostate Francis but they are in unity with You because of Your public orthodox conduct. You are well aware that Your unity with the apostate Bergoglio will gradually bring these sheep under his apostate system, and the curse which has been placed on Bergoglio will pass on to them too and will not only obscure their minds but also deprive them of the light of faith which they now have. Behind Your activity is the spirit of antichrist. You threaten the Church more than the manifest apostate Bergoglio. Repent, and separate Yourself from the spirit of antichrist which You serve!

The roots of the Amazon Synod (+video)

Post date:   2019-11-16
Autor:   BCP
The Amazon Synod, having brought the spirit of paganism into the heart of the Church and into the Holy Mass, is a total betrayal of the essence of Christ’s Gospel and of Christianity as a whole. The Church of Christ is being secretly but officially converted to an anti-Church of the New Age.  In this powerlessness, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, being the voice of prophecy, took a step towards salvation – in an extraordinary election, it proclaimed Archbishop Viganò the rightful Pope. Archbishop Viganò is silent on the papal election. He must wait for open support from brave and conscious bishops who will join him and support him as the Pope. Their common goal must be salvation from mass apostasy which has already been programmed by Bergoglio and is to be announced in the coming days. There is little time left. The faithful need to realize that this determines their salvation and the salvation of their children and grandchildren. The time has come for them to pray for the bishops and to urge them, personally or in writing, to take a decisive step and separate themselves from the invalid Pope. Let them stand up for the new true Catholic Pope!

An appeal to Cardinals and Bishops after the pseudo Synod (+video)

Post date:   2019-11-12
Autor:   BCP
Dear apostle of Christ, you are now in a situation when you will either become a hero or a traitor – Judas. If you remain silent and fail to stand up for Christ and His teaching, you are a traitor. You will become a hero if you boldly separate yourself from the heretic and his suicidal current with the spirit of apostasy through which he subjugates the Church. By this gesture of true repentance you will help save and restore the bleeding Church!

The Bible and the Amazon Synod “... there were about twenty-five men (cardinals)” /Ez 8:16/ (+video)

Post date:   2019-11-05
Autor:   BCP
What is the true diagnosis of the apostate Amazon Synod? We present it not only from the human perspective but from the perspective of God’s Word. It is exactly described in the following God’s statement:“The devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.” (Rev 12:12)God complains about idolatry in the temple: “He said to me, ‘Son of man, do you see what they are doing (in the Vatican Gardens and in other places in the Vatican)? The great abominations ... to make Me go far away from My sanctuary!’ (Eze 8:6) I saw figures of all kinds … foul idols (from Amazonia)… (v.10) …and there, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men (there were about twenty-five men – cardinals – at the Amazon Synod; they are under God’s anathema – curse and excommunication acc. Gal 1:8-9) with their backs toward the temple of the Lord… ‘Have you seen this, O son of man? Is it a trivial thing to commit the abominations which they commit here?’” (Eze 8:16- 17)What is the solution?There is only one solution – true repentance.Archbp. C. M. Viganò has offered resistance to the criminal system in the Church. The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate, by authority of the apostolic and prophetic office, has elected him in this extraordinary situation as the rightful Pope. Today repentance for Catholics means to separate themselves from the heretic and apostate Bergoglio and to acknowledge the true Catholic and rightful successor of the Apostle Peter!

Judas and the Amazon Synod (+video)

Post date:   2019-10-31
Autor:   BCP
It is clear that a heretic cannot be the Pope and it is clear that Bergoglio is a heretic. It is therefore clear that one cannot and must not obey him; otherwise one participates in his betrayal of Christ, the Gospel and Apostolic Tradition.Today, every Catholic is faced with a decision: either the Apostle Peter, and thus Christ and eternal heaven, or anti-Peter Bergoglio, and thus antichrist and eternal hell.Dear orthodox Catholic Cardinals and orthodox Catholic Bishops, stop the self-destructive process of the Catholic Church and acknowledge C. M. Viganò as the rightful Pope!The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate hereby also addresses all sincere orthodox Catholics to express in an online petition ( their belonging to orthodox Catholic Pope C. M. Viganò.

Repentance for the Amazon Synod in relation to the First Commandment (+video)

Post date:   2019-10-26
Autor:   BCP
The whole sphere of occultism is inherently connected with paganism, i.e. with the worship of the devil and demons. These are sins against the First Commandment. This sphere, however, is so hidden (occult) that many practices of magic and divination are unknowingly promoted even by a large number of monks and priests. The principle is as follows: If any practice contains hidden elements of magic, divination or spiritualism, even its modern form is already condemned by God! Through pagan occultism, individuals, nations as well as the Church are kept in spiritual darkness. Both paganism and contemporary New Age neopaganism have their root in Satanism, which also involves human sacrifices. This is concrete repentance which God demands at this historic moment of all genuine believers, priests, religious and bishops. God will then give you knowledge, the power of the Holy Spirit and true wisdom, and eternal life after death. Today Jesus says even to you: “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” (Mk 1:15) “Unless you repent of these sins, you will perish!” (Lk 13:3)

Habemus Papam /german version/ (+video)

Post date:   2019-10-25
Autor:   BCP
Die Bischöfe der Synode des Byzantinischen Katholischen Patriarchats haben ihre Wahl getroffen und angekündigt: In dieser außergewöhnlichen Situation, vor Gott und vor der Kirche, nehme ich meine Pflicht als orthodoxer katholischer Bischof wahr und wähle deshalb Erzbischof Carlo Maria Viganò zum rechtmäßigen Papst.