Francis is a pan-heretic (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-17
Autor:   BCP
Quote by Francis: “The Son of God became incarnate in order to instill the feeling of brotherhood in the souls of men.” Response: We confess in the Creed why the Son of God became incarnate: “For us men and for our salvation He came down from heaven and became man.” He did not become incarnate – as Francis says – to instill a kind of feeling of brotherhood!

The fruits of Vatican II after 54 years (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-08
Autor:   BCP
Jesus said: “A tree is known by its fruit.” Today we reap the fruits of Vatican II. The homosexual network has infiltrated the highest positions in the Church, and the head of the Church promotes Islamization and gender immorality. The period of the 1960s saw the escalation of the invasion of occultism and paganism coupled with yoga. It also witnessed an explosion of decadent culture and Kinsey’s sexual revolution. What was the Church’s response? The Council’s aggiornamento opened the heart of the Church to such a world. What is the solution? To admit that the fruit of Vatican II is deadly! To admit that orthodoxy has been replaced by heresies! To admit the invasion of paganism and sodomy! Repentance means to return to orthodoxy and to the following of Christ in the Spirit of truth.

The attitude of a Christian and of the Bible towards gender ideology (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-07
Man is a creature dependent on his Creator – God. He is created in the image of God. He has a spiritual essence. At the moment of death, the human body begins to dissolve into dust. The spirit stands before God to give an account for his life. If man rejected the truth, killed his conscience and died in such a state, he is eternally condemned. Man who struggled against lies and evil, searched for and accepted the Truth, which is Jesus Christ, will live forever. God created man male and female. God created no gender monster. The Pope is obliged to condemn the satanization of the Church and mankind. The current pseudo Pope Francis not only keeps silent but he even actively promotes gender satanization by his words and gestures.

A call to US Christians, especially bishops and priests (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-06
Autor:   BCP
It is patently obvious that Francis, an apostate and heretic, is an invalid Pope! This is laid down in the Bull of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and in the Letter to the Galatians 1:8-9. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò made the first step to save the Church, even at the cost of risking his own life. You, Catholics of the United States, are to make the second step! Separate yourselves from the manifest heretic and apostate, otherwise the Church in the United States and throughout the world will become the harlot of antichrist and the synagogue of Satan. In the present situation, there is only one step towards salvation: To choose a legitimate Pope! Extraordinary conditions require extraordinary procedures.

Francis’ in-flight approval of sexual pseudo education (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-02
Autor:   BCP
Quote by Francis: “I think it is important to teach sex education in schools.”Commentary: This statement by the pseudo Pope is a crime against God, against parents, and the gravest crime against defenseless children! Francis is well aware what the term “sex education” means today! It does not mean education but rather programmed demoralization and even satanization of children since earliest childhood!

Francis in flight about homosexuality again (+video)

Post date:   2019-01-31
Autor:   BCP
Question of a journalist: “What are your expectations or hopes for the meeting in February...?”Quote by Francis: “We felt the responsibility to give a ‘catechesis’ on this problem to the Episcopal conferences. That is why I summoned the presidents.” Commentary: What kind of catechesis on this problem?! What an absurdity! One must call crimes “crimes” and establish just and effective punishments. The goal must be to eradicate crime from the Church. The culprits must be punished, be it a priest, cardinal or pope. There must also be an entire change of priesthood formation. The current one is heretical and its fruit is sodomy within the Church, as evidenced in the Letter to the Romans 1:18-28. The homosexual network in the Church must be eliminated. A homosexual cannot be ordained a priest. A cleric who has committed homosexual sin must be laicized.

Anathema on the Bishops’ Synod (+ video)

Post date:   2018-10-28
Autor:   BCP
On October 4-28, 2018, the Bishops’ Synod on Youth took place in Rome. By a final document dated October 28, 2018, the Synod legalized LGBTQ in the Church. It thus abolished sin, the commandments of God, and introduced antimorality. It rejected the basic condition of salvation – repentance – and spat in the face of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Such a Church ceased to be the Church of Christ and became the Church of Antichrist and the harlot of Satan! On October 28, 2018, by authority of the apostolic and prophetic office, the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate declared an anathema: All members of the Bishops’ Synod who approved the final document are, according to Gal 1:8-9, excommunicated from the Church! (anathema sit!).

Prophesy over America! (+video)

Post date:   2018-10-04
Autor:   BCP
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Nuncio to USA, has bravely revealed homosexual network crimes in the highest places in the Church. His courageous step has broken the ice. Nevertheless, the behind-the-scenes psychological and spiritual struggle continues, aimed at self-destruction of America as well as other nations in line with the program of so-called reduction of mankind. The Scripture says, “Our struggle … is against the demonic forces in the heavenly places.” (Eph 6:10f)

Die Antwort auf das Treffen von Franziskus mit drei Opfern homosexueller Pädophilie (+video - in German)

Post date:   2018-08-26
Autor:   BCP
Die Weltmedien haben Informationen über das Treffen von Franziskus Bergoglio mit drei Opfern von homosexueller Pädophilie aus Chile veröffentlicht. Anstatt eine verantwortliche Entscheidung in dieser Angelegenheit zu treffen, benutzte Franziskus diese Opfer als Präzedenzfall für die Propaganda falscher Toleranz zur Homosexualität und Pädophilie. Damit hat er Gottes und Naturgesetze abgelehnt. Er hat dem Homosexuelle wörtlich gesagt: “Gott hat dich so erschaffen.” Franziskus hat einem offensichtlichen homosexuellen Mann gesagt: “Du musst glücklich sein mit dem, wer du bist; du solltest dich selbst lieben wie du bist.” Franziskus teilt dies der ganzen Kirche mit, dass homosexuelle Handlungen keine Sünde mehr sind. Und das ist Häresie! Franziskus lehrt, den Zustand der Unbußfertigkeit zu lieben, der zum ewigen Tod führt.

Wielki mistrz masonerii kontra Patriarchat Bizantyjski (+ wideo – Polish version)

Post date:   2018-08-11
Autor:   BCP
Na falach czeskiego radio wystąpił wielki mistrz loży masońskiej i powiedział, między innymi, że: „masoneria jest, mniej więcej, organizacją ocharakterze duchowo-charytatywnym„. W świecie istnieją dwa rodzaje duchowości: chrześcijańska, która czci Prawdziwego Boga, i antychrześcijańska, która czci pogańskie bóstwa czyli upadłe anioły-demony. Masoni promują i popularyzują satanizację ludzkiej natury za pośrednictwem wprowadzania anty-prawa, amoralnego genderu, porywania dzieci od rodziców, ich tyranizowanie i wprowadzanie w rozpustę, a w ostatecznym wyniku realizują eksterminację ludzkości dążąc do osiągnięcia tzw. „złotego miliarda”.  Mowa jest o planowych i masowych zbrodniach przeciwko ludzkości. Koniecznym jest ażeby ta na pół tajna organizacja stanęła przed sprawiedliwym trybunałem międzynarodowym i została zlikwidowana dopóki nie jest jeszcze za późno.