An appeal to ex-Pope Benedict for repentance (+ video)

Post date:   2013-08-18
Autor:   BCP


An appeal to ex-Pope Benedict for repentance


Dear Monsignor,

the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate is hereby turning to You. On 1 May 2011, this Patriarchate made public that You had brought down on Yourself God’s anathema acc. Gal 1:8-9. You committed an act of apostasy by beatifying the heretic John Paul II. You thus elevated the spirit of Assisi – the spirit of antichrist – to the altar.



What does God want You to do now when You are on the threshold of death? To repent. Specifically:


1)     Declare the beatification of John Paul II null and void.


2)     Withdraw ambiguous statements by which You de facto approved the heresies of the historical-critical method. This method, in essence, denies Christ’s redemptive death on the cross and His real and historical resurrection. It also denies all the supernatural in the Scripture, including its Divine inspiration.


3)     Denounce obscure statements in the Catechism which create the conditions for the mass spread of the epidemic of homosexuality. Call a sin a sin and an abomination an abomination!


4)     Homosexuality today is associated with global moral devastation and with gender ideology. This ideology denies the nature of man as a man and a woman and introduces a kind of neuter “gender”. Openly condemn this gender Satanism!


5)     Homosexuality and paedophilia is connected with the legalization of child stealing by the juvenile justice system and social services worldwide. These are crimes against humanity worse than the crimes of German fascism. Openly condemn this piracy and all these crimes!


6)     Some countries of Europe have already legalized incest. Do not be silent but openly condemn this crime!


7)     We are witnessing the legalization of euthanasia, even in the case of healthy people and children. Do not be silent but openly condemn this crime!


8)     Appeal to the European Union to cancel the Lisbon Treaty and demonic antilaws allowing homosexuality and the stealing and moral devastation of children. These are crimes against humanity.


9)     Appeal to the UN to cancel the reduction programmes preparing the autogenocide of humanity. These are crimes against humanity.


10) Appeal to the U.S. President Obama to stop the forceful promotion of homosexual antilaws in the United States and in other countries. These are crimes against humanity.


11)  Appeal to the Vatican to cancel the chipping of all citizens of the Vatican State. The chipping of the Vatican is a precedent for total control of other countries as well. But this is a deterrent crime.


Dear Monsignor, You missed the chance given to You by God. Moreover, You abused Your office to the detriment of the misled souls. Do make these steps of faith at least now! God shows His mercy on all who repent sincerely!



+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                      + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops


Lvov (Ukraine), 16 August 2013

Copies to:

Presidents of EU Member States

President of Ukraine

President of the Russian Federation

U.S. President

United Nations Organization

Catholic Bishoprics and monasteries

Bishops of the Orthodox Church

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