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EU strategists are trying to provoke a coup in Ukraine

Post date:   2013-12-26
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EU strategists are trying to provoke a coup in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin has described recent happenings in Ukraine as a pogrom and called on the Ukrainian people to keep the peace. By contrast, the aim of the coup organizers is to launch a civil war. They only need to provoke armed clashes between the so-called “demonstrators” and security forces. The same scenario was used by intelligence agencies in Syria. “Operation Revolution” there also began with peaceful demonstrations, which gradually changed into open armed clashes with the police. Demonstrators in Damascus received money from the Rockefeller foundations, depending on how many policemen they managed to injure or how many police cars they set on fire. Well-organized “paramilitaries” in helmets and with chains attacking the police in Kiev with sprays and iron bars are a carbon copy. This is done with an unconcealed aim to provoke a harsh police action and by the use of propaganda to make a “revolutionary hell” break loose in the streets. Always the same. And always effective.


“Demonstrators” in helmets and with chains on a bulldozer


So far they have only tried it with the help of bulldozers and other heavy equipment. “Revolutionary commanders” from the West have not yet issued an order for the use of firearms. Unless things go according to plan and unless Prime Minister Azarov’s government resigns, they will use the usual “harsher methods”. For example, they will arrange the death of a demonstrator, or do it themselves, and then throw the blame on the police. This would become a “detonator” which would eventually make still hesitant Kievans take to the streets en masse.


M. Dymyd, a lecturer at UCU from Belgium, has spread a myth in the mass media about five dead people which he had reportedly heard in the confession. Perhaps the next step will be that they will secretly bring a dead homeless person out of a morgue and say that a demonstrator was brutally killed on the Maidan by the riot police. Dymyd, Gudzyak, Card. Husar and Msgr. Shevchuk will then give this “Ukrainian euro-martyr” a solemn funeral.


The attendance of Kievans despite large gatherings of protesters has so far been infinitesimal. As usual, the numbers presented in our media have been overestimated many times. A two-thousand-strong crowd as if at the wave of a magic wand turns into a hundreds-of-thousand-strong “pro-European” demonstration.


What was the main reason for launching “Operation Ukraine” by the well-known and -tested Soros coup organizing agencies? President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union which would ruin Ukraine economically and politically. That made the comrades in Brussels foam at the mouth. In the words of Barroso and his “brethren in an apron”, the situation is clear: “Either Ukraine will be ours, or she will fall. We won’t permit her to maintain the existing level of cooperation with Russia.”


The criminal underworld of the Maidan


Armed “paramilitary” groups are heading for Ukraine. There is street fighting – “hired tourists” from all over Europe together with the criminal underworld form the core of the so-called “pro-European demonstrators”. They are indeed ready to kill any peaceful demonstrator and to throw the blame for the murder on the government forces. The agencies have already tried out this internationalization of demonstrations in Syria, where foreign mercenaries have replaced the original demonstrators in the streets of Damascus and do not stop fighting.


Elaborated according to Czech author (link: http://www.protiproud.cz/svet/politika/komentare/702-strategove-eu-se-pokouseji-vyvolat-na-ukrajine-statni-prevrat-do-kyjeva-miri-polovojenske-formace-valka-na-evropskem-kontinente-je-nam-zase-o-neco-blize-mame-zajimava-videa.htm)

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