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The Charter of a Christian State versus NWO /Part 1+2/ (+ video)

Post date:   2013-12-31
Autor:   BCP


President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin


The Charter of a Christian State versus NWO

(Part 1)


Dear Mr President!

Contemporary democracy has failed. It has become a vehicle for the establishment of the harshest totalitarian system. The most urgent need of the present time is to establish the ideology of the Christian state system. We submit to You a draft document of “The Charter of a Christian State” (CCS). We believe that Russia and the fraternal peoples of Ukraine and Belarus will adopt this Charter for the sake of their salvation and subsequent development.


Presentation of an ideal

If Russia adopts this Charter, she will become the single option on the planet that will be able to resist the globalizing system of death. The young Russian generation must be enlightened and properly educated in this respect; otherwise these young people will succumb to the cunning globalization methods. Technologies subverting the human mind will make them victims of the antichristian system. Today there are only two options: to serve Christ or the Antichrist. Life or death! The power behind the American globalization system is the American bankers and the Illuminati who are dedicated to Satan. They promote satanization of the world. They can only be resisted by God’s servants who have given the first place in their lives to God and God’s laws and are grounded in the truth. The Russian nation now faces this task, and it does not fight for its sake alone but for the life on the planet in general.

Communist ideology took over the biblical idea of a classless society (Acts 4:32 ff.). However, it excluded its most basic element – the relationship to God. Their programme thus became unfeasible. It failed to affect the nature of the human being. Besides the desire for goodness, love and justice, man has in himself a hotbed of evil. This is the source of all conflicts, crimes and wars. Only communion with God can renew harmony in the human heart which then makes an impact on one’s surroundings.

In this year 2013, we have commemorated the anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus by St. Vladimir, which is associated with the adoption of the Christian law. This law has been the foundation of the Russian culture and its moral values enshrined in the institution of the family. The whole European civilization was built on these Christian principles.

Globalization decadence

The priority of the U.S. policy today is no economic development but homosexuality and the consequent holocaust of mankind. Globalization ideology implicitly promotes moral and physical autogenocide, sheltering itself behind positive terms. We are witnesses to satanization not only of the European but also of the American continent, both of which were built on the Christian foundations. All kinds of philosophies, heretical theologies and psychologies have undermined the spiritual and moral power of Christianity. They have opened the door to amoral gender sodomy connected with the stealing, devastation and satanization of defenceless children. This was preceded by a decadent process in the last century, particularly by the promotion of paganism through yoga, Zen and martial arts associated with pagan meditation. Sound mind and sound interpersonal relationships were disrupted by the psychology of Freud, Kinsey’s sexual perversion, drug addiction, pornography, rock music rooted in the satanic voodoo, and invasion of destructive sects. All those pernicious influences spread especially through the mass media.

Instead of standing in defence of divine truths and moral values, Western Christianity lapsed into mass apostasy. By proclaming heresies and syncretism, it opened the door to homosexuality, autogenocide of Christianity and of the Christian nations. The fruit of the pernicious curse which is on the Western Catholic Church has become manifest recently on the so-called EuroMaidan in Kiev, Ukraine. It was organized by Catholic leaders who have the spirit of homosexuality.

The restoration of the Russian nation necessarily requires the appointment of a new Patriarch who will have the Spirit of God and will perceive the essence of the spiritual revival. The current Patriarch of Moscow has the same spirit as the apostate Vatican leaders. That is why the Church structures are dead and are an obstruction to the spiritual revival of Russia.

The globalization system which promotes autogenocide of the individual nations is a totalitarian system and brings death. However, it can only be established by abusing contemporary democracy. Therefore, the newly established theocracy with the supremacy of the law of God needs a firm political hand. It must strictly protect justice, punish injustice and prevent aggression and the spread of globalization technologies both from within and without.

The Preamble of the CCS

The greatest divine and human commandment reads: “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and your neighbour as yourself.” (Mt 22:37-39) On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets as well as the Constitution of Russia. This is the essence of the Christian model of theocracy.

To love God means to give Him the first place in our life and to fulfil His commandments. Every man has a material body and an immortal soul. If he has not killed his conscience, he is able to discern between good and evil. If he is just both toward himself and his neighbour, his mind distinguishes the truth from falsehood. Human life is a short test which decides whether man will receive eternal life in glory or end up in eternal suffering.

The purpose of human life is neither money, nor career, nor worldly pleasures. The purpose of life is to love God. It means to observe the just laws of God. If we do so, we receive the light and strength to keep the second commandment: to love our neighbour as ourselves. The greatest value is life, eternal life. It is the duty of love to communicate it to our neighbours as well.

In the heart of man is the power of evil and selfishness; therefore Jesus says: “Metanoite: change your mind!” (Mk 1:15) and next: “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me!” (Mt 16:24). If a man and a woman united in marriage keep the law of God, their marriage becomes a lifelong relationship. They complement each other and need each other. In this atmosphere the sound generation of children and grandchildren grows up. The example of good Christian parents is the greatest contribution to the life of the child.

Basically, the Charter signifies a return to the solid Christian roots of Kievan Rus.


The ideology of the Charter is expressed in the basic motto: “Restoration of Christianity in Russia = salvation of the planet.”

The motto of American globalists is “the golden billion”. This means: Death to six billion people! This ideology of death must be opposed by the ideology of life. The spiritual life is rooted in living Christianity. Its essence is a personal relationship with Christ through faith. The first step is to accept Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and Lord. At present, instead of bringing life the Western Church leaders bring curse and death through syncretism and heresies.

The ideology of the Charter springs from the thousand-year experience of Christianity in Kievan Rus. The political system in the Western countries, on the other hand, is waging an internal war against the individual nations. It is waging a war against children, against the family, against sound morals. The means to achieve its end is gender ideology. It seeks to implement an autogenocidal policy under positive slogans. This system of death protects evil and punishes good. In contrast to this, the priority of the policy enshrined in the Charter must be sound family. This must be the line of legislation. Therefore, the first thing to do is to cancel all the new laws lobbied by the West and designed to eliminate the family and implement juvenile justice mechanisms of child trafficking.

The main target group of the Charter is young generation and children. It is therefore necessary to elaborate educational programmes that will shape the thinking and lifestyle of the young generation.

The New World Order (NWO) and the Lisbon Treaty lead the nations to death. The Charter, by contrast, leads the nations to life, both temporal and eternal.

The ideological line of the Charter is intended to permeate the whole society. It contains the following seven points:

1) The state protects spiritual and material values

2) The priority of the policy is the family

3) Education of children and youth

4) Economy

5) State administration and the public sector

6) The executive power of the state

7) Restoration of Christianity


The Charter of a Christian State

(Part 2)


Besides the Constitution, the Charter is the fundamental ideological document. It sets the priority of the state policy and social life. The State is governed by this priority, protects it and incorporates it through legislation into everyday life.

The former – so-called democratic – organization of society with five-year election periods and division of the Government into the ruling party and the opposition shall be abolished. The reason is abuse of democracy for the purpose of establishing a totalitarian system of globalization.


The text of the Charter:


1) The State protects spiritual and material values

The primary interest of the State is the protection of the physical, mental and spiritual health of every citizen. It means that the State examines all forms of destructive influences that threaten health, coming from whatever source, eliminates these influences and informs the public about the dangers.

- Evil in the State shall be justly punished and destructive elements eliminated.

- The fight against alcoholism, drug addiction: a total ban on import, production and sale of narcotics.

- The fight against smoking: preventive work with youth focused on eradication of harmful addiction.

- Control of food quality; production of healthy food without chemical additives; ban on genetically modified foods.

- Responsible control of carcinogenic substances, their elimination from the food and pharmaceutical industries.

- Responsible control and ban on destructive youth subcultures (emo and goth culture, rock, heavy metal, psychedelic music, culture of aggression and cynicism, decadent films, instructions for perversion and crime via the Internet...).

- Full control and prohibition of all forms of vaccination which can be a cause of diseases in children (eg. autism, weakened immune system, allergies...).

- Prohibition of psychological manipulation of citizens through psychological weapons, waves, radiation, subliminal messages (25th frame), ultrasound, various new technologies using music, misuse of mobile phones, of the Internet and of tablets.

- Ban on activities of foreign organizations which pursue indoctrination of the population, subversive and destructive activities.

- Ban on Masonic lodges, monitoring of their attempts to infiltrate into the public sector; ban on activities of Masonic organizations (Rotary Club, Lions Club, Orders...).


2) The priority of the policy is the family

The State protects and supports the family in all spheres of life because the family is the fundamental cell of society. Family is a permanent relationship between a man, his wife and their children.

- The State shall promote stability of the family and seek to eliminate all negative influences that would disturb this stability.

- The State shall support and accept marital fidelity and indissolubility of marriage as its priority.

- Therefore the State shall prohibit the promotion of marital infidelity, divorce, premarital relationships and promiscuity in the sphere of culture and mass media.

- The mass media shall actively embody the Charter, truthfully comment on and warn against the destructive fruits of premarital life, infidelity, promiscuity, divorce. Any morally corrupting influence of the press or television shall be fined (e.g. Germany: € 2 million fine for violation of the state ideology).

- Children are naturally bound to parents and the State has no right to remove them from their parents.

- The State shall establish counselling centres to help young people prepare for marriage and responsible parenthood. These centres will help married couples to deal with their life problems and to find a correct solution. The aim is to prepare sober and mature people for married life and to help them preserve marriage. The centres will help them solve their problems without violating their right to privacy.

- Schools shall promote a stable family life, a responsible approach to life, purity, fidelity and responsible parenthood as a life pattern.

- All antifamily technologies shall be prohibited. So shall be all juvenile justice mechanisms. All hitherto adopted laws incorporating the juvenile justice system shall be cancelled. So shall be all (UN, PACE, EU...) resolutions and documents which form the basis of the juvenile justice system.

- Gender ideology in all its forms shall be prohibited and condemned. All laws that have been adopted in this field under the pressure of international organizations shall be cancelled. So shall be all (UN, PACE, EU...) resolutions and documents. All forms of sexual deviation shall be forbidden in that they disintegrate the society and disturb the human mind. All activities of LGBT organizations shall be prohibited. The State only admits the existence of the male and female sex!

- The State shall establish aid centres for LGBT persons to help them return to the natural way of life.

- The State shall prohibit all forms of sexual deviation of LGBT persons in society. Both the mass media and society must denounce the lifestyle of LGBT persons as destructive and inadmissible.

- The State shall outline programmes for fathers and mothers to enable a sound upbringing of their children and their formation in responsibility and Christian values.

- The State shall instruct its citizens on a judicious approach to material things and their responsible use.

- The State shall not allow abortion; on the contrary, it shall instruct its citizens on a responsible sexual life.

- The State shall provide enough jobs for its citizens, especially for men to enable them to provide for their families and their wives to bring up their children in the safe family home. Besides the efforts at its moral and spiritual stability, economic stability of the family is one of the main priorities of the State.

- The State shall ensure the availability of affordable housing for young families.

- Education and formation of children on natural and Christian principles is the primary right of parents.

3. Education of children and youth

This is one of the main priorities of the State. It focuses not only on the obtaining of information from various spheres but also on the formation of good habits and Christian values such as love of truth, honesty, diligence, charity, modesty, chastity, purity, love of one’s own nation, temperance, love of the good and resistance against evil.

- Schools shall present evil as evil and warn against its destructive consequences. They shall show the good in a true positive light and encourage children’s growth in goodness. The same shall be applied to justice and injustice. Basic rule: “Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you.” (cf. Mt 7:12) Children and youth shall be educated in the knowledge of the Bible and the lives of the saints (see Tuptalo: Lives of the Saints, Kiev, 1690-1715).

- Children and youth shall be encouraged to purity and chastity and protected from harmful information. Young people shall be taught to live in premarital chastity.

- Education shall incorporate the “Intelligent Design” which must penetrate the natural sciences, such as physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, zoology, anatomy... The study of the subjects must dispose students to wonder at the perfection and efficiency of the living creatures and inanimate world, e.g. the principles of genetics, the immune system... It must truthfully testify to the wisdom of the Intelligent Being who created the world – i.e. God. Darwinism is an outdated theory which was intended to establish the ideology of atheism with the ultimate aim of causing moral degradation and eliminating conscience and inhibitions among young people.

- Education shall return to sound pedagogical principles and practices.

- Education shall justly punish evil and reward good.

- Formation in responsibility, maturity, sound mind and Christian lifestyle shall be a fundamental priority of the education of children and youth.

- Adoption of a healthy lifestyle and a clear discernment between good and evil is the most important part of education.

- Children and youth, within the proper education, need to be warned against the destructive consequences of decadent culture. They must be protected against demoralization and perversion. They must be cautioned against the consequences of impurity and drug addiction, i.e. AIDS in particular. They must also be acquainted with the consequences of alcoholism, various sects, ideologies of demoralization and death and instructed on how to defend themselves against their agents and propaganda on the Internet and elsewhere.


4. Economy

Creation of a stable, prosperous internal market. The aim is not to enrich the elites or individuals but to ensure a stable life of society: provision of the necessities of life for the families, well-functioning educational system, health service, food industry, social sphere. The purpose is to eliminate drastic and fiercely competitive market economy which destroys interpersonal relationships and to establish a professionally regulated market economy which will prevent foreign corporations from absorbing the internal market. Protection of the domestic market is important for the stability and self-sufficiency of the State.

- Key sectors of production shall be state-owned and effectively organized. Their aim is to guarantee the stability of the internal economy.

- Effective use of new technologies.

- Protection of national production against destructive technologies that destroy the lives of individuals and society.

- Elimination of the exploitative credit system which burdens the population with debts. Creation of the national banking system responding to the needs of the population.

- Radical removal of indebtedness of the country and of its dependence on the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

- Establishment of fair and stable economic relations with foreign partners.

- Stability and backing of currency.


5. State administration and the public sector

The national interest and priority is the implementation of the Charter and protection from destructive influences that threaten the implementation of the Charter. The Charter is the soul of the nation’s internal and foreign policy.

- Implementation of the Charter shall be the main task of the President, the Government and the entire public sector.

- The public sector shall employ people who are able to implement the Charter in the interest of the welfare of citizens.

- Democratic state organization with a five-year election period shall be replaced by a state system built on the Charter.

- The President and Members of the Government shall be chosen from among people who have proven themselves in practice, represent the Charter and are able to implement it.

- The Ministries shall employ people who have a minimum of ten years experience in a particular area. They need not only theoretical learning but also practical experience, and must have a sober approach to problems. It means that health care professionals should work at the Ministry of Health, teachers and professors at the Ministry of Education etc.

- The importance of intellectual and practical training. Theoreticians can not work in this sector.

- The Governing Council, after the dissolution of Parliament with different factions, shall be comprised exclusively of experts in various fields with years of experience, whose goal is the most effective realization of national interests, in other words, implementation of the Charter in the various sectors of society.

- The President and his advisors shall appoint the Governing Council not according to political parties but only according to the experience of candidates and their ability to effectively implement national interests – ideological and economic ones.

- The Government shall actively use the assistance of Advisory Councils in various fields. These Councils shall consist of experts. Each sector shall have a specialized competent team. Besides their specialization the experts shall pursue the main goal – the national interests, i.e. the Charter.

- The employees of local administration, the army, the police, public prosecution, education..., shall represent and implement the Charter.

- Political parties shall not be necessary since all shall be called to implement the priority programme of developing the moral and material well-being of the nation. The Charter embraces the fundamental principles of justice. All efforts shall concentrate on the administration of justice which guarantees the truth in relation to oneself, one’s neighbour and God.


6. Power structures and national security

Public prosecution, courts, public and private police, counterintelligence and the military shall promote justice under the Charter. Corruption is inadmissible. The police and the army shall protect the citizens against violent criminals and ensure national security. Counterintelligence shall play an important part in maintaining peace and order in society.

- The State shall cancel the international treaties that force it to ruin its population (juvenile justice system, gender ideology).

- The State shall protect citizens from reduction technologies, such as shale gas extraction.

- Ban on chipping and on data collection and data logging by electronic media, which is easily exploitable by foreign structures.

- Prohibition of the development and use of technologies for total control of the population.

- Survey of foreign subversive technologies, practical development of information and material protection of the State.

- Protection against globalization efforts, market protection and protection of citizens.

- Control of foreign organizations and their activities.

- Control of the Internet and social networks against subversive activities.

- Countermeasures against the subversive activities of the U.S. which organized and financed around 20 revolutions and coups in the world. Survey of revolutionary technologies and protection of the State against the subversion of this kind.

- Check of the activities of foreign delegations, being necessary to the security of the State.

- State structures: officials, administration, army, police, judges... shall act in line with the ideology of the Charter and the implementation of the Charter shall be the priority of their service. If anyone refuses to accept this priority, one can not work in the public sector.


7. Restoration of Christianity

The current church structures are not in line with the Charter but rather they are an obstacle in that they are in line with the spirit of the autogenocidal globalization ideology and are saturated with church business.

True church leaders and the faithful are bound in conscience to put God’s Word into practice. They have a key role in educating the population and fostering moral values in the everyday life of Christians and society. Among the religious leaders there must be true prophets who respond to the negative influences that lead to degradation in the Church and in society. They preach the true Gospel, conversion and repentance. Only a converted person can fulfil the two basic commandments: the love of God and the love of neighbour.

- The faithful shall be formed in responsibility, honesty, love, goodness and justice according to the Gospel of Christ.

- Religious leaders shall not be focused on their interests and their enrichment. Such acts shall be punished and hence eradicated.

- Only people whose hearts are penetrated with the love of God and neighbour can be good citizens.


We believe that Russia and the fraternal peoples of Ukraine and Belarus will adopt this Charter for the sake of their salvation and development. If Russia and the two Slavonic nations, Ukraine and Belarus, implement the Charter, they will become a powerful wave capable of restoring the decadent West.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                 + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary bishops


Lvov (Ukraine), 22 December 2013

Copies to:

President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych

President of Belarus A. Lukashenko

Members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Members of the Parliament of Ukraine

Members of the Parliament of Belarus

Mass media of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus


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