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Removal of Msgr. A. Franco from office

Post date:   2014-01-04
Autor:   Synod UO GCC

Vatican Secretariat of State


Removal of Msgr. A. Franco from office


Antonio Franco, a paedophile prelate who committed crimes against minors escaped just punishment and was just transferred as Nuncio from Ukraine to Jerusalem, where he holds the office to this day. If the Vatican fails to penalize paedophile prelates, we demand that the Vatican Secretariat of State should at least remove the person concerned from office on the ground that he has reached the age of 75. Scandals of this kind have cost the Church in the U.S. 2 billion dollars and loss of credit. These scandals spread through Ireland to Australia. Sad to say, the Vatican neglects to take effective measures.


A. Franco, former Nuncio to Ukraine, committed crimes not only against morality but also against the Church and the nation. He usurped Church power by promoting Lubomyr Husar, who had been excommunicated for 17 years, to the post of Head of the Church in spite of a protest by three Metropolitans. Husar proclaims heresies, promotes homosexuality and is the founder of the Masonic group “The First of December” which has organized a coup against the legitimate government. The Church structure established by him is apostatical. He keeps the common believers in darkness and in heresy and leads them into temporal and eternal self-destruction.


It is publicly known that the whole Vatican is under God’s curse by reason of heresies denying the Divinity of Christ and by reason of pernicious syncretism which hundreds of thousands of martyrs fought against. The curse is on the Vatican also because of its approval of the abomination of homosexuality and paedophilia.


We propose that the Government of Ukraine should see to it that the current Nuncio is exiled for his participation in a coup. He was obliged to warn and admonish the representatives of the Roman and Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine not to organize a coup leading to a homodictatorship and autogenocide of Ukraine.


Apostolic Nunciature in Ukraine is harmful to the true Christian faith as well as to the nation, since it promotes heresies, syncretism, homosexuality and paedophilia. Therefore it must be abolished. We propose that the Secretariat of State should not wait until the Government of Ukraine justly exiles the Nuncio, abolishes the Nunciature and exposes the crimes committed. Remove the Nuncio Yourselves and abolish the Nunciature!


The Vatican has become a cursed Babylon and a harlot of the Antichrist which brings down a curse on all nations. According to the Bulla of Paul IV, every prelate who has lapsed into heresy is excommunicated from the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church, and all his actions are null and void. Would that this year at least some officials of the Vatican repented and, at best, resigned from their offices so that they may save their own souls at least.

+ Marcian OSBMr
Head of the UO GCC


+ Demetrius OSBMr
Secretary Bishop

Lvov (Ukraine), 1 January 2014

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