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“Molotov cocktails” – the fruits of religious hatred on the part of UGCC hierarchy (video)

Post date:   2015-09-30
Autor:   Contemplative sisters


“Molotov cocktails” – the fruits of religious hatred on the part of UGCC hierarchy


The Ukrainian  Greek Catholic Church in their churches constantly slander the orthodox Greek Catholic Church and incite religious hatred. As a result, it was not the first time that terrorists hired by them attacked the Monastery of the Sisters of St Elijah the Prophet in Bryukhovychi.



On the night of the 28/29th September, the Sisters kept vigil: they prayed in the chapel for our afflicted nation, for God’s mercy on Ukraine. Suddenly at half past two a.m., someone threw large stones through the window followed by three “Molotov cocktails”. A fire started and one could not see anything because of black smoke. The Sisters’ eyes were stinging from the toxic smoke, they could hardly breathe. One of the Sisters fainted, so the other Sister pulled her out of the flames into the corridor. The Sisters tried to extinguish the fire with water but it did not help. Everything was in flames; but the fire did not dare to touch the altar and the tabernacle. The following “cocktails” flew into the next room where the window caught fire, and then into another three rooms where some of the Sisters were wounded by pieces of broken glass (18 cocktails altogether). The police who arrived on the scene of crime called an ambulance for the injured Sisters, and the fire brigade was called out to the fire.

This arson was a direct attempt on the life of the Sisters. It was organized crime and the responsibility for it rests with the treacherous UGCC hierarchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church!

Is this their reward to those who pray day and night for the nation and for Ukraine?!

Truly the salvation of souls costs much!