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Patriarch Kirill uttered Vatican II heresy

Post date:   2017-05-01
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Patriarch Kirill uttered Vatican II heresy


On the day of the Resurrection of Christ, 16 April 2017, Patriarch Kirill uttered a heresy:

Quote: “I know that there are Christians and Muslims, but each refers to the same God, the Creator, and in response to this we have the real God’s help.”


According to Kirill, the Orthodox and Muslims refer to the same God. This is the Catholic heresy of Vatican II (1965). On the other hand, the leading representatives of Islam, unlike Kirill and Vatican II, do not say that we have the same God. On the contrary, Mohammed wrote about Christians in the Koran: “Indeed they are disbelievers who say: The Messiah, son of Mary, is God!” (5:72) “And slacken not in seeking these people!” (4:104) “You killed them not, but it was Allah who killed them…” (8:17) This is evidently, in Kirill’s view, the real “God’s” (Allah’s) help we have!


Vatican II (1965) also declared a heresy stating that Catholics have the same God as pagans.

God is the Creator of all, people as well as angels, even of the angels who refused to worship Him and became demons. Pagans, even though God is their Creator, do not worship Him but they worship demons (1Cor 10:20).


In line with the pseudo Council of Crete (2016), which laid the foundation for ecumenism, Kirill will probably soon also declare this Vatican heresy and disguise it with the phrase about God being the Creator of all, including pagans. He will not say that pagans have the false help of demons worshipped by them, and not the help of God. 


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate 


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Secretary Bishops 


29 April 2017


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