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Self-humiliation and little sacrifices

Post date:   2017-12-20
Autor:   BCP


Self-humiliation and little sacrifices


The first form of love is constant self-humiliation. But you need not fabricate anything. You only need to accept the truth! If you feel bitterness towards your neighbour, remember his good qualities and his good deeds, and on the other hand your bad qualities and evil done in the past, and humble yourself before him in spirit and see Jesus in him. And God will then give you the light and fill your heart with love for this person.


The second form of love is sacrifice! It means to offer little sacrifices, self-denials for your neighbour. But do not do so from the “I-am-the-saviour” position but only after you have humbled yourself before him and regarded him as better than yourself. If you “help” your brother without humbling yourself before him in your heart and without regarding yourself as lower than him, you will not love him truly, and he will feel that although you are helping him, he is manipulated and enslaved by you, and he will soon reject your help. Pure love is crucified. You need to invite Jesus into these situations. You cannot do it by your own strength. This is a wonderful field for miracles and experience!!!

“Love does not envy, is not puffed up, does not seek its own.” (1Cor 13:4f)


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