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Let us abide in Christ and His Word out of love for our neighbours too

Post date:   2018-04-11
Autor:   BCP


Let us abide in Christ and His Word out of love for our neighbours too


The devil often uses sadness to break the relationships in the family or community! Sometimes, without meaning to, we focus our mind on a problem or begin to daydream and we do not realize that our face speaks louder than words (that is why people, when talking together, watch the face in order to sense what the other person means by his or her words). However, our face speaks even when our mouth is silent. Our thought, behind which is a certain spirit, becomes visible on our face – in our eye. That is why we should abide in and be filled with Christ and His Word at least out of love for our neighbours. Example: A negative emotional thought occurs in your mind in relation to your neighbour, which leads to self-pity or aversion. What to do? Immediately the exact opposite. Take the Word of God at once as a sword against the spirit which is behind this thought. Namely: 1. Humble yourself, and repent of judging your brother (though in thoughts only). The Word of God says: “The judgment is God’s!” (Deu 1:17) “Who are you to judge your neighbour?” (Jam 4:12) 2. Make every effort to appreciate a certain positive trait of your neighbour or something good he or she has done. 3. Ask your neighbour for forgiveness in your heart, and humble yourself before him or her.


If we do so, this opposite thought as well as the good Spirit of God, who is the Spirit of truth and who works through the Gospel, will soon enlighten our face and the peace of God will fill the hearts of those around us. It is vital in our mutual relationships in the family or community that we should fight against gloomy thoughts and not cherish them! We must put all our effort into trying to abide in the truth, in God’s Word and in the joy in Christ! This effort actually is the putting into practice of the words of Jesus, ‘DENY YOURSELF!’


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