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Is Francis a heretic or not?

Post date:   2017-10-12
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Is Francis a heretic or not?


In his Exhortation Amoris Laetitia, Francis de facto subverted the existence of universally valid moral norms and instead of objective facts he promotes mere subjective attitudes resulting in the abolition of God’s laws. He hypocritically calls it “mercy”. Czech bishop Holub, in contrast to the signatories of the Correction, covers up and advocates the heresies of Francis.


Quote by T. Holub (taken from Czech Radio): “The risk is that there is a notion of absolutely unchangeable teaching which ended with John Paul II, and then there has been some change coming with Francis. But it is exactly in family matters that the evolution of how to treat people in very difficult situations can be perfectly seen in the Church.”

Response: Holub substitutes the fundamental articles of the faith – dogmas – with so-called evolution, and calls in question and eliminates the saving teaching of the Church.


This “bishop” pretends to deal with the question of how to treat people; however, in fact he acts like a doctor who does not even set a correct diagnosis or give proper medication, but only disguises the disease, lets the patient die and then says that the evolution of how to treat people in very difficult situations can be perfectly seen here.


Quote: “Then Benedict XVI clearly said that divorced people, by their very complex situation, bear part of the suffering of the Church, and thus are to a large extent a treasure for the Church. Francis follows it up with a logical consequence. It’s a continuous development.”

Response: Benedict XVI’s statement concerns divorced people who, in order not to live in sin and to be admitted to Holy Communion, make sacrifices and live in chastity. This is the absolute opposite of what Francis advocates. Holub deceives the believers when he calls the opposites “a logical consequence” and “a continuous development”.


Quote: “Pope Francis has made an important step because he pointed out that in the sphere of failed marriages there are objectively wrong things; however, subjectively they can hardly be fully ascribed to individuals.”

Response: Holub is right that these things can hardly be fully ascribed to individuals, because the main culprit is, in fact, the Church which under the guidance of theologians like Francis or Holub has opened up to heresies. She has removed the conditions for true repentance and conversion, for personal relationship with the Saviour, deprived the believers of a clear consciousness of the priority which is the salvation of the soul, and failed to strengthen them with the power of the Spirit so that they may be able to fight against lies and evil. If the Church offered the means, Catholics would be able to prevent family conflicts and family tragedies. They would have both the motivation and strength to deny and humble themselves and to admit their mistakes. This would help them solve most of the problems. However, the Church with the spirit of Holub does not lead to this.


So the main culprit is the Church which has abandoned dogmatic and moral norms and shows no repentance, which is why she also prevents individuals from repenting. The solution, however, is not the admission of unrepentant people to Holy Communion, as is the practice of churchmen themselves.


Quote: “That’s why we should be sensitive to this because it’s not about laws but about an individual person.”

Response: This is a peculiar spirit and theology. Holub does not emphasize sensitivity to God, and ignores God’s love, that God gave His Son for us who died on the cross for us and our sins. Instead, he covertly seeks to legalize sin, but is not sensitive to the soul of an individual person who will face death, God’s judgment and eternity. Moreover, he also ignores the reality that life without true reconciliation with God and without respecting God’s commandments is no idyll. If a person rejects the cross of God’s law, he burdens himself with a much heavier cross of slavery to sin, gets into unsolvable situations, and is daily in danger of eternal condemnation.


There is a difference. There are people who lay no claim to receiving Holy Communion and do not even have the strength or conditions to receive it, but are aware of their guilt and weakness; these have a chance of salvation. But there are others, deceived by the clergy, who receive Holy Communion without repentance. These eat and drink their own condemnation. (1Cor 11)


Quote: “We say about the divorced that it is objectively wrong, but on the inside, when you are listening to an individual, you can understand that circumstances can be so complex that it is not possible to talk internally about committing a grave sin, and that is why we need to help.”

Response: Holub’s help is like a help by doctors who save people who are not fit by euthanasia.


In cases of involuntariness or ignorance, the sin is not mortal. People who live in a state of sin consciously and voluntarily, whatever their internal attitude may be, cannot participate in the Eucharist. This is the teaching of the Church.


Holub says that if you are listening to an individual, you can understand… It is because the person consciously boycotting the law of God is in a spirit of self-deception. He or she talks about it so forcefully that whoever listens to it believes. Therefore a priest should speak to such people in the power of the Spirit of Truth, so that the hearers are kindled with a desire to save their souls. But if a priest or a bishop unites with the spirit of lies against the law of God, against God and against the soul itself, it is a betrayal! Moreover, when a betrayal becomes a norm, it results in the mass killing of souls.


Quote: “It’s a sifting process which is not yet over, because the bishops are still learning it. It belongs to the Church, and it is a wonderful challenge which does not say that the Church is governed by regulations and prohibitions from Rome, but that it is we who seek the way the Lord wants to lead us.”

Response: At present, we are facing an intensive sifting process when divine truths and God’s commandments are being craftily eliminated. The bishops are learning this betrayal of Christ, of the Church and of the commandments of God from Francis, and Holub says that this belongs to the Church and that it is a wonderful challenge.


Francis and Holub teach people, and the teaching process is not yet over, how to circumvent the law of God and kill conscience by preferring subjective attitudes, so that one will not be able to elicit perfect contrition even in the hour of death. They even nourish them with invalid Communion on their journey to perdition. These are the most serious crimes. They not only destroy God’s laws but teach anti-laws which do not require self-denial, the taking of the cross or the following of Christ.


But when they remove the laws and commandments of Christ, they place so many heavy burdens on people’s shoulders that whoever obeys them has to deny himself and suffer far more than God would ever required. Moreover, people thus become slaves to sin and a burden to others. This suffering has no meaning.


Holub is right when he says that today the Church should not be governed by regulations and prohibitions from Rome. At present, these include the regulations for Islamization in each parish and monastery. Then it is really better for us to seek the way the Lord wants to lead us without the regulations of the apostate Francis.


The paradox is that Holub does not obey God’s commandments but rather advocates Francis’ regulations from Rome. He probably knows that those who elevated Francis can also elevate Holub first to the post of cardinal and then even to the post of Francis. He just needs to show his face in good time. That’s a wonderful challenge for Holub!


Quote: “The signatories do not specifically say what the Pope said wrong, but they interpret it, they recast it in the moulds of their own understanding, and they say that these 7 things are actually possible heresies. The whole text written by the signatories is about the following: “This is how we understand you, Pope – and that’s wrong.” And I’m afraid they do not understand him.”

Response: Francis uses such wording and vocabulary which is ambiguous, so not only the signatories but everyone can deduce the 7 heresies of Francis in accordance with a logical consequence. Modern heretics, as Pope Benedict XVI said, are so clever that they do not even formulate heresy and everyone automatically deduces it.


Francis, as the head of the Church, has a duty to clearly formulate the truths of the Catholic faith, and not deliberately give space to the spirit of heresy to destroy divine truths. His position of authority is an aggravating circumstance.


Francis kisses the feet of transsexuals and gives no explanation. This gesture in itself expresses approval of and respect for sexual perversion. He was obliged to call on these people to repent and be converted. Then if he kissed their feet, it would no longer be a gesture approving of perversion. Francis, however, makes these gestures consciously with the aim of legalizing perversion and abolishing God’s commandments. And this is a crime against God and the Church, and a sign that he is a manifest and obstinate heretic.


According to the Bull of Pope Paul IV and according to God’s Word Gal 1:8-9, Francis Bergoglio and Tomáš Holub are under God’s anathema and, being heretics, they are in office illegitimately.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


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