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Why will the flag of Tibet not be raised in the Vatican?

Post date:   2018-02-10
Autor:   BCP


Why will the flag of Tibet not be raised in the Vatican?


Francis wants friendly relations with China; therefore he is careful so as not to meet with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama’s repeated requests for an audience in the Vatican repeatedly meet with a negative response.


Francis has changed his policy towards China and hence also towards the illegal Catholic Church, which is subordinate to the Vatican and represented by 86-year-old Card. Joseph Zen Ze-kiun from Hong Kong. When he wanted to meet with Francis, he was not admitted, and during the weekly Wednesday audience on 25 January he had to stand in the cold with the tourists. He was de facto rejected by Francis.


The state church in China, unlike the illegal one, is separated from the Vatican. Francis has recently deprived the authorities of the representatives of the illegal church who have been replaced by representatives of the state church. Card. Zen Ze-kiun came to the Vatican to protest against it, but to no avail. Francis de facto had the entire church subordinated to the state. He thus made a friendly gesture towards the Chinese government. What is his aim?


Francis promotes heresies, Islamization and homosexuality in Europe. All this is in line with the NWO plan and leads to the genocide of the whole of Europe.


How does the Vatican influence Russia today? By friendly gestures too! Francis met with Patriarch Kirill in Havana as they have the same spirit and serve the interests of the NWO.


What benefit will Francis’ friendship bring to China? Homosexuality, Islamization, NWO, and a coloured revolution through the heretical clergy.


The Dalai Lama does not fit in with the Vatican’s strategic plans with China any more. However, he still fits in with the plans of Halík, Holub, Bělobrádek, university snob clubs and non-profit organizations. They use the myth of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan flags as a weapon against the Czech President because he is not in line with the NWO like them.


BCP (Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate)


5 February 2018


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