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The Mother of Jesus – the testament from the cross (video)

Post date:   2018-04-05
Autor:   BCP


The Mother of Jesus – the testament from the cross



What is the relation of our Patriarchate to the Mother of Jesus?

Fully biblical, in line with the whole Church’s tradition. Jesus is true God and Mary is the Mother of God – Birth-giver of God – Theotokos. It was proclaimed at the Council of Ephesus in 431. She well deserves special honour from everyone who has received Jesus, as stated in the Scripture: “All generations will call me blessed.” (Lk 1:48)


When God assumed human nature, it happened through the Holy Spirit and through the obedience of faith of the virgin chosen by God (cf. Lk 1:38).

Concerning the passage of the Scripture speaking about the brothers and sisters of Jesus, it is absolutely clear that they were relatives. The heresies of Arianism, which denied the Divinity of Christ, argued that Jesus was no God because He had brothers and so Mary was allegedly neither the Mother of God nor a virgin. The heresies were refuted by St Hieronymus and others. From the 4th to the 16th century, these heresies appeared no more.


Jesus gave His testament to the disciple by the cross when He said: “Behold your mother!” The disciple received her spiritually into himself, in Greek eis ta idia, in Latin in sua (Jn 19:27). St Ambrose says: “He received her soul to magnify the Lord in him, and he received her spirit to rejoice in God.”


God promised in Ezekiel 36:26: “I will give you a new heart.” This spiritual transplantation was performed on Calvary when the disciple received the Mother of Jesus spiritually into himself – eis ta idia. Mary is a new Eve. Every disciple who stands spiritually by the cross of Christ should do the same as John by faith, i.e. put the testament of Jesus into practice.


It is not enough to have an academic – dead Jesus. One needs to have the living Jesus. This is the biblical equation: Mary and the Holy Spirit equals the living Jesus.

To compare the Mother of God to pagan goddesses, which are de facto demons, is not only blasphemy but also a sin against the Holy Spirit. Devotion to the Mother of God which does not lead to Christ is false.


St Augustine expressed the faith of the early Church with the words: “Mary was a virgin before, during and after the birth of Jesus.” This expresses the faith of the Church that she not only conceived miraculously, but also gave birth miraculously and remained a virgin throughout her life.


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