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A letter to ex-Pope Benedict XVI (+ video)

Post date:   2018-04-13
Autor:   BCP


A letter to ex-Pope Benedict XVI


Let me interpret the following letter written by the Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate who has at heart restoration of the Church.




Dear ex-Pope Benedict,

the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate addresses You with a request the purpose of which is restoration of the Church. It concerns primarily the issue of Vatican Council II and its fruits that we are reaping today. In Your interview with Messori 19 years after the Council, You presented some critical views of the Council and the post-conciliar spirit.


When You talked with Messori 34 years ago, the fruits of the hidden heresies were not yet fully visible. And even then You showed the appalling statistics concerning apostasy in Canada caused by Vatican II. You admitted that after the Council it became the rule that only the one who had liberal attitudes could be chosen as a bishop. You criticized the so-called new Magisterium of liberal exegetes. You were also astonished at how cleverly theologians used a dialectical method to present an opposite meaning of the Church documents as their true interpretation. In addition, You pointed out uncritical openness to the world which put aside the cross of Christ.


It has now been 53 years since the end of the Council and Your successor kisses the feet of transsexuals and Islamists, and questions the universal moral standards in the exhortation Amoris Laetitia. At the beginning of this year, German Cardinal Marx has introduced same-sex marriages in Catholic churches and the German Bishops’ Conference has thus approved the denial of God’s law and of natural moral principles. In this situation, it is necessary to trace the roots of the current disastrous state of the Church.


What is the solution? True repentance!

How do You want to stand before the judgment seat of God without true repentance? Jesus says even to You: “Unless you repent, you will perish!” (Lk 13:3)


Testimony to the heresies of the Council:

The Nostra Aetate declaration has introduced a regard for pagan cults, and thus de facto for their demons. It is a sin against the First Commandment. We are obliged to give supreme honour to the one God. Not to demons! The declaration contradicts the whole Scripture and Tradition. It refers deceitfully and purposefully to the statement of St Gregory VII concerning the attitude towards Islam. It is a heresy to place the pagan god of Mecca on a level with the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The declaration is responsible for the Islamization of Europe. Its heresies justified the apostate gesture in Assisi which brought a change of thought. The worship of demons began to be considered an adequate way to salvation which, however, is only in Christ (Acts 4:12). This is gross manipulation and deceit. And this deceit has now been accepted by almost the whole Catholic Church as the new depositum fidei. We have witnessed the spread of Hindu antimission through yoga and Oriental philosophies as well as the antimission of Buddhism. There are still no clear guidelines for the defence of the faith.


Therefore, what is required of You is a gesture of repentance for Vaticanum II which You attended as a peritus. It is enough if You make a single statement today: “Concilium Vaticanum Secundum was heretical. Its fruits today are the evidence.

Without this clear attitude, the truth cannot be called the truth, a lie a lie and a heresy a heresy, and so the Church cannot repent.


The second requirement is to apologize for the period when You were entrusted with the supreme authority in the Church serving as Prefect of the Congregation and then as Pope. You did not use this authority to prevent heresies! You did not prevent the proliferation of heresies hidden behind the historical-critical method which denies the supernatural, the Divinity of Christ as well as the very inspiration of the Scripture. You did not impose a clear ban or sanctions and therefore the lethal infection of heresies could spread with impunity. The official authority gave tacit consent to it. You were also obliged to expose malignant syncretism with paganism and to forbid it. At the same time, You would thus authoritatively prevent the mass spread of occultism in all forms because occultism is inseparably connected with paganism. Taking into consideration Your responsible position, Your passivity is inexcusable. Syncretism has destroyed the true mission and opened the door for the antimission of paganism in the heart of Christianity. Both Vatican II and Your supreme authority have created the conditions for Islamization, so Francis now just invites Islamists to Europe. When the Treaty of Lisbon was ratified, which replaced the Decalogue with an anti-Decalogue, You were silent. On the other hand, You were not silent and You beatified John Paul II. You thus beatified a destructive stream, its fruits and the curse that fell upon the Church. You knew about priestly paedophilia covered up by John Paul II and it was also known that he received the Masons into the Church by the adoption of the new Code of Canon Law. John Paul II is to blame most for the apostate gesture in Assisi. You beatified all these crimes. The enormous blame for internal apostasy in the Church thus falls on You. We beseech You on behalf of poor Catholics: do set an example of true repentance now, so that the Church may be released from the curse and saved from self-destruction.

                  Praying for You

                  in Christ,


+ Elijah
Patriarch Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


7 April 2018


Download: A letter to ex-Pope Benedict XVI (7/4/2018)