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Response to Francis’ sermons at Santa Marta

Post date:   2018-10-04
Autor:   BCP


Response to Francis’ sermons at Santa Marta


Francis has barricaded himself at Santa Marta, from where he protects the most serious crimes in the Church and blasts all efforts to promote the truth and to restore the Church.

Let us ask two basic questions so as to distinguish the spirits:

1. What spirit is behind Francis and his sermons at Santa Marta?

2. What is the purpose of Francis’ manipulative sermons?


Ad 1) Let us answer the first question with a question: Do Francis’ words and deeds have the Spirit of Christ behind them, or the spirit of the antichrist? It is obvious that he does not have the Spirit of Christ behind him! “He who does not have the Spirit of Christ is not His.” (Rom 8:9) Therefore he neither interprets the Scripture nor applies it to the present time in the Spirit of Christ. He openly and purposefully distorts God’s Word and manipulates the listeners. The devil interpreted the Scripture in the same spirit when he tempted Christ in the wilderness. Francis’ sermons have the spirit of the antichrist behind them!

Ad 2) What is the purpose of Francis’ manipulative sermons? Does he want to awaken true repentance and conversion in the Church? Does he want to eliminate the heresies that paralyzed the Church? Does he want to bring the Church back to the sound foundation of God’s laws and Christ’s commandments? No! Francis does the exact opposite. He has only one aim – to promote internal decay of the Church and the rule of the spirit of antichrist in all key positions in the Church.


What means does he use for the purpose? Professional psychological manipulation and an abuse of the highest authority in the Church. Nothing is sacred to him; he abuses everything – the calls for prayer as well as the interpretation of God’s Word.

He is not ashamed of grossly denigrating a person who has stood in defense of truth risking his own life. Archbishop Viganò has done his utmost to start true restoration of the Church. This restoration is connected with the cleansing of the most serious crimes that destroy the Church from within and also offend the people outside.


Francis’ manipulation is based on a system of lies which is very effective. This is because it consists of very lively, delicately presented truths touching the heart. For example, he explains that Jesus forgives and uses mercy and therefore the devil is powerless against repentant sinners. That’s the honest truth. However, a repentant sinner has a sincere desire to break with sin. But Francis does not want and does not allow this, and moreover, he fights with hatred against those who sincerely desire it. So the term “repentance” or other biblical terms are merely manipulative phrases in his mouth. In fact, he uses these phrases to cover up homosexual crimes. But then, it is not the devil who is powerless but the Lord Jesus, who forgives, is powerless because the sinner does not accept forgiveness and voluntarily persists in sin. Francis sins against the Holy Spirit because he teaches presumption of God’s mercy but removes the conditions for receiving mercy.


What is Francis’ real aim? To defend the homosexual mafia in the Church, to remove inconvenient witnesses such as Archbp. Viganò, and thus to prevent the restoration process. That’s the purpose of his manipulative cannonade from Santa Marta.

The tragedy is that deceived Catholics are not able to distinguish the cunning lie and let themselves be stabbed in the back. They will even defend Francis until their dying day! How cleverly the spirit of the antichrist works through the usurpation of the highest authority in the Church!


Resignation of Francis is indispensable to internal restoration of the Church. Francis is an invalid Pope!

How can bishops and priests still be in unity with him in the Mass? Francis sins against the Holy Spirit, has the spirit of antichrist behind him, and is under an anathema! Holy Mass celebrated in spiritual unity with him is without force! Why? Because it is the Holy Spirit who acts in the sacraments, and not the spirit of antichrist.


We hereby call on all priests and bishops to stop mentioning the name of Francis during the Mass this October!


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops


October 3, 2018


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