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Response to Francis’ sermon on the devil and hypocrites

Post date:   2018-10-05
Autor:   BCP


Response to Francis’ sermon on the devil and hypocrites


In his homily during morning Mass in the chapel of St. Martha’s House, Francis spoke about the devil and hypocrites. In the present atmosphere, he thus indirectly but clearly referred to Archbp. Viganò and the bishops who demand an investigation of homosexual crimes. Francis himself and homosexuals, on the other hand, are presented positively as sinners who are forgiven by Jesus: “The devil has nothing to do with repentant sinners, because they look upon God and say, ‘Lord, I am a sinner, help me!’ And the devil is impotent; but he is strong with hypocrites. He is strong, and he uses them to destroy, to destroy the people, to destroy society, to destroy the Church. The workhorse of the devil is hypocrisy, because he is a liar.”


The context in which Francis speaks deliberately creates the impression that all sins and perversions, even the gravest ones, are no problem because the great love of Jesus forgives everything. Francis cleverly removes the saving fear of God to keep sinners on their way to destruction. Repentance is only a phrase in his mouth because he does not associate it with the intention to avoid sin. It is a heretical approach and a sin against the Holy Spirit! Talking of forgiveness and at the same time avoiding true repentance is suicidal deception of oneself and others. Jesus says, “Unless you repent, you will all perish.” (Lk 13) And He also says, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!” (Mt 7) The Lord Jesus sent the apostles to preach repentance leading to forgiveness of sins! (Lk 24)


What in this situation is true repentance for Francis which can give him the hope of forgiveness?

1) To admit openly that he knew about the crimes of the whole homosexual lobby in the Church, and specifically of McCarrick who abused seminarians and young priests.

2) To admit his guilt in covering up for homosexual prelates, reinstating McCarrick after Benedict had imposed sanctions on him, and elevating him to the post of his counselor. He is thus responsible for McCarrick’s spoiling the lives of many!

3) To announce his resignation from office for committing an abuse of the highest Church authority and causing harm to many souls as well as to the whole Church. To call on the other hierarchs to follow his example since they are co-responsible.


This is adequate repentance. However, Francis boycotts whatever admission of guilt, even though he has been publicly convicted before the whole world! This is the height of hypocrisy! Moreover, the one who had the courage to stand in defense of the victims is described by him as the devil. Those who have resisted immoral crimes and seek the necessary remedy are labeled as hypocrites.

Seeing the hypocrisy of Francis, a well-known US Jesuit, Fr. Joseph Fessio, started up from his chair. He publicly criticized Francis’ silence, and said, “He’s attacking Viganò and everyone who is asking for answers. I just find that terrible. Be a man. Stand up and answer the questions.”


Francis has given no answer to this day; however, in his homilies he skillfully distorts the reality and switches the roles. The victims are presented as criminals who have no love and persecute the Church. The criminals, on the other hand, who destroy the Church, are presented as saints-to-be. When he condemns hypocrisy in his manipulative performance, he says, “The devil is strong with hypocrites, and he uses them to destroy, to destroy the people, to destroy society, to destroy the Church. The workhorse of the devil is hypocrisy, because he is a liar.” Without meaning to, Francis thus exactly described himself.


Let us look at some public manifestations of his hypocrisy:

Francis does not break God’s law out of weakness like other people but he literally abolishes God’s law by the power of abused authority. This is rebellion against God and a flagrant crime! Four Cardinals submitted doubts about Amoris Laetitia. Francis has been silent and has given no answer to this day. Why? Because they proved that he abolishes not only God’s laws but also the universally valid moral principles! Ordinary Catholics, however, are still convinced that they must trust him and follow him under all circumstances. But that’s the way to hell. The devil really has his workhorse in Francis. He destroys the people, society and the Church.

Francis promotes total Islamization of Europe – of every Catholic parish, religious community, monastery and sanctuary. It is the height of hypocrisy when he calls it aid to refugees. Today, every child knows that migration is the first stage of jihad, occupation of the territory. The next stage is the establishment of the Sharia followed by the annihilation of Christians. We can see it all across North Africa; we can see it in Turkey which was a great center of Christianity connected with the mission of the early apostles. Today there are no more than 0.1 per cent of Christians there. Francis obliges Catholics to show suicidal “mercy”, and he falsely calls it help. This is a crime and the height of hypocrisy.


The opposite of Francis was Pope St. Pius V who helped save Europe from Islamization. He organized a military defense against Islam and called for the Rosary prayer. After the victory at Lepanto in 1571, he introduced the feast of Our Lady of Rosary on October 7. This Pope also radically fought for the internal purification of the Church from all heresies. As for homosexuals, he decreed that if this crime occurred among the clerics, such a criminal had to be stripped of ecclesiastical dignity and handed over to secular authority for punishment. According to the laws of that time, such a cleric incurred the most severe punishment. The Pope had no false mercy, but he said, “Otherwise such an abominable vice will not be eradicated (from among the priests and bishops)!” Repeating mantras about mercy towards the homosexual lobby in the highest places in the Church is the suicide of the Church!


Another manifestation not only of hypocrisy but even of a great crime of “destroying people, society and the Church” is that Francis did not support a two-million-strong demonstration against gay child adoption which took place in Rome. Not only did he not support the rally but he also ridiculed it and discouraged Catholics from attending it. He thus advocated the cruel crime of stealing children and giving them up for adoption by same-sex couples. Why does he not describe in a heartbreaking way what terrible suffering awaits a child stolen from its parents, morally and mentally devastated? Such children go through unspeakable suffering! Nonetheless, the hypocrite Francis is silent because he approves of these glaring crimes!


It is widely known that on Great Thursday Francis made a gesture of kissing the feet of a transsexual. He thus approved this perversion and the whole gender ideology. He mocked the Law of God and the Word of God which warns against this perversion in several places and even threatens with the most severe punishments of fire from heaven and eternal fire of condemnation (cf. Jud 7, 2Pt 2:6).


How is it possible that such a murderer of human souls continues to degrade the Papal Office and to drag it through a stinking cesspit of homosexual crimes up to this day?! The Italian people should drive him out of the Vatican and from Italy, whereupon he should be tried in Argentina for crimes not subject to the statute of limitations. However, Francis Bergoglio is not just a criminal and a hypocrite; he is also an archheretic. Any theologian who claims that Bergoglio is not a heretic and apostate proves himself to be a religious primitive and an utter ignoramus totally unacquainted with the essence of Christianity.


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate hereby appeals to the bishops and priests to separate themselves from the amoral pseudo Pope and archheretic Bergoglio and not to mention his name in the Liturgy any more.

Any bishop who will punish a priest for not mentioning the name of the invalid Pope in the Liturgy will thus give himself away as part of the homosexual network. For the good of the Church and its purification, such a bishop must be deposed!


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops


October 4, 2018


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