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Does Francis have the spirit of the Antichrist?

Post date:   2018-10-07
Autor:   BCP


Does Francis have the spirit of the Antichrist?


In September 2018, Francis visited the Baltic countries. However, he is currently under pressure from the world’s public due to the unanswered question concerning homosexual crimes in the highest places in the Church. He is silent and not only protects these crimes but even promotes them and indirectly attacks those who demand that the Church be cleansed of them.

In promoting homosexualism and autogenocide of the Church, Francis uses the antichrist’s method of positive terms. He even abuses the Scriptures, namely the most delicate moment – Christ’s testament from the cross, when Christ gives His Mother to the disciple.


At the very beginning, he gained the audience’s affection, saying: “Show yourself as Mother! Show us ... where your Son is crucified, that we may encounter your steady presence at the foot of the cross.”

He said these impressive words in Latvia. The audience did not suspect at all that he purposefully manipulated them into opening their hearts... and then, at the next stage, into unconsciously – reading between the lines – embracing the spirit of homosexualism which Francis carries and promotes.


“This is the main way that Mary shows herself – she stands near those who suffer, those from whom the world flees, including those who have been put on trial, condemned by all.”

Francis promotes the homosexual lobby in the Church. This is the main program of his “mission”, along with Islamization. What strange people are those who suffer if the world flees from them? One can easily deduce that Francis is talking about homosexuals again. What Francis describes is not the main way that Mary shows herself. Mary always calls for repentance, and this also concerns homosexuals, for otherwise they will end up in perdition.


“They are not simply oppressed or exploited; they are completely ‘outside the system’, on the very fringes of society. ... The Mother also stands close by them, steadfast beneath their cross of incomprehension and suffering.”

Homosexuals today are not oppressed by anyone, nor are they ‘outside the system’; on the contrary, it is them who try to subdue the society. It is their unclean addiction that puts them outside the society of moral people. They promote laws that privilege homosexuals and punish the innocent as so-called homophobes. The Mother of God stands close by the mothers from whom their beloved children were stolen without reason and given to homosexuals. She stands steadfast beneath their cross of incomprehension and suffering!


“All those discarded by society can experience the Mother who remains discreetly near them, for in their sufferings she sees the open wounds of her Son Jesus.”

Those discarded by society are nowadays parents who bring up their children in a Christian manner. In conformity with supranational gender laws enforcing same-sex “marriages” and gay “adoption” of children, children are permanently stolen from their parents. These unhappy parents as well as their stolen children can experience the Mother who remains discreetly near them, for in their sufferings she sees the open wounds of her Son Jesus.

By means of outrageous lies and manipulation, Francis presents homosexuals as the suffering victims. However, he has never even mentioned those who really suffer, namely the parents and their stolen children, and has never stood in their defence!


“Let us not be afraid to experience the power of tenderness, to get involved and let our lives become complicated for the sake of others...”

On the contrary, we must be afraid! To experience the power of “tenderness” as promoted by Francis means to trample down God’s commandments and to store up the punishment of hell fire for oneself which the Holy Scripture warns against! (cf. 2Pet 2:6) Those who are not afraid to experience this perverted tenderness and to get involved really let not only their lives but also the lives of others become complicated, and unless they repent sincerely, they can only expect eternal condemnation.

Francis boycotts all this! Life principles stemming from the Scriptures and from the whole Tradition of the Church are described by him with contempt as conformism which needs to be shattered (see Homily at the 2018 Synod on Young People, Oct. 3).


“Let us be ever ready … to help end all those situations of oppression that make people feel crucified.”

Yes, let us be ready to help end oppression of parents whose beloved children are stolen from them without reason in accordance with evil laws and given for adoption to homosexuals! Because of this legalized crime against humanity, these parents feel crucified. Francis has never called for an end to such oppression and will never even do so because he serves the system of death and his aim is to destroy both Christianity and family. That’s also the reason why he keeps promoting homosexualism and Islamization.


“Certainly, when we open ourselves to others, we can get badly hurt.”

During his visit to Ireland (August 2018), Francis urged parents to badly hurt their children. He told them that when their children open themselves to them, they should understand them and confirm them in the lie about their homosexual inclinations. To obey these words of Francis will be the most terrible crime against their own children who have been exposed to suicidal gender ideology in schools and are unable to defend themselves against it.


“...the relationships that heal us and free us are those that open us to encounter and fraternity with others...”

What, in Francis’ view, are the relationships that free us? Ones that free us from God’s law and open us to fraternity with what is nowadays called the homosexual lobby? These relationships definitely do not heal us but rather infect both the body and soul.


“...do not let exasperation find a way into your hearts. If we permitted that to happen, we would not be true Christians, but fanatics.”

Francis quotes a Latvian bishop who was persecuted for faith during communism. He uses his words for psychological manipulation. The purpose is to paralyze resistance and righteous exasperation with homosexual immorality. Therefore he creates the impression that true Christians can under no circumstances let exasperation find a way into their hearts, for otherwise they are fanatics. Why does Francis not mention that Jesus made a whip and drove out those who defiled the house of God?


“...to receive our brothers, to bet anew on universal fraternity.”

What does Francis understand by the term “universal fraternity”, and what should we understand by it? This term is known neither in the Gospel nor in the Christian tradition. However, it is well known to a group which seeks the destruction of the Church and has spread demoralization for 300 years. Or is this universal fraternity a homosexual lobby?


“(Mary) is willing to accept the pace of someone younger than herself. Harmony is always difficult when we are different.”

Today, the term “different” is used by gender ideology to promote and legalize homosexualism. Francis again manipulatively associates the term “different” with the Virgin Mary as if she was a model in accepting different people, i.e. homosexuals. This is a gross insult and manipulation.


“When, in faith, we listen to the command to receive and be received, it becomes possible to build unity in diversity.”

What kind of a new command is this? Francis commands Catholics to receive sodomy as a new standard. Yet this also requires a new faith, whose apostle today is Francis. Then, as he says, it becomes possible to build unity in diversity, which, however, leads to hell. And this is exactly what Francis wants.


“...to see others in their most profound dignity, as sons and daughters of the same Father.”

Using the term “dignity”, Francis once again gives away the ideological vocabulary of homosexuals, which they use in their effort to legalize sodomy.

Jesus says to those who do not keep His commandments: “You are of your father the devil. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.” (Jn 8) Homosexuals not only do not keep the commandments of God but along with Francis completely abolish them. Who is their father then?


“Mary wants to give us her humility, so that, like her, we can adapt to the coordinates of every moment of history.”

The Blessed Virgin by no means wants to give us such pseudo humility which adapts to gender ideology, that is, to sodomy. Behind these words of Francis is the spirit of the Antichrist. Such adaptation is not demanded by the Virgin Mary but by the devil and his servant Francis.


“In this, her Shrine, Mary raises her voice in a plea, begging that all of us commit ourselves to welcoming one another without discrimination.”

The term “discrimination” and so-called anti-discrimination laws are directly linked to the promotion of homosexualism. Mary does not beg that we commit ourselves to welcoming a homosexual demon! This is the plea of Francis, the servant of the Antichrist. The law of God discriminates against homosexuals but it is a discrimination leading to salvation, and such is the “discrimination” against every sinner. Every sinner, if he wants to be saved, must repent, and homosexuals are no exception. Jesus was not merciful to unclean and homosexual demons, but He cast them out and liberated their victims. Francis, however, does not want homosexuals to repent and be liberated. In addition, he promotes and covers up this perversion in the highest places in the Church! What a mean spirit of the Antichrist is behind Francis that he is not afraid to abuse the name of the Mother of Jesus for the purposes of his evil antimission that leads to hell.


“...to receive others just as they come, just as they are.

The Blessed Virgin does not bind us in any way to receive homosexual demons in deceived people just as they come, just as they are.

When Francis recently received a homosexual – a victim of a homosexual priest, he did not call him to repent nor did he show him the means of accepting liberation from God, but confirmed him in his sinful condition. He even falsely assured him that God loves him just as he is even if he does not repent. And this is a crime.


The Synod of Bishops on Youth is currently taking place. A certain US bishop publicly announced that he would not attend the Synod because in this situation when the whole world is scandalized by homosexual crimes it is above all necessary to hold a synod on bishops. The bishops in the first place must be purified from homosexual crimes and only then can they lead youth to purity and observance of the Gospel of Christ and His commandments.


What do bishops in their condition want to offer youth? Legalization of homosexualism and a bad example of Francis and of cardinals and bishops like him? Speaking even the most pious phrases at the Synod is now just avoiding the most burning issue, namely the cleansing of the Church from the homosexual lobby, starting from the head. If the Synod is to be useful to the Church, it should demand first of all the resignation of Francis and of those bishops and cardinals who maintain unity with him in homosexual crimes.


At the opening of the Synod, Francis said: “May the Spirit grant us the grace to be synodal Fathers anointed with the gift of dreaming and of hoping. We will then, in turn, be able to anoint our young people with the gift of prophecy and vision.”


The spirit which Francis prays to is an unclean spirit behind the homosexual lobby in the Vatican. Through Amoris Laetitia, this spirit violates the universally valid moral principles and God’s commandments! Francis prays that synodal Fathers be anointed by this spirit, which means that they should receive this unclean spirit – demon. Then the “anointed” ones are to dream and hope to be able to anoint even the Catholic youth with the unclean demon of sodomy.


Conclusion: The evidence that Francis has the spirit of the Antichrist is primarily the fact that he can cleverly abuse even the most sacred things to promote the gravest perversions and crimes. Francis carried out an apostolic visit to the Baltic States not as an apostle of Christ but as an apostle of Antichrist, promoting homosexualism which the Holy Scripture warns against speaking of the punishment of eternal fire! (2Pet 2:6) Under his leadership, the Synod has the same goal: the breakthrough of homosexuality.


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                               + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops


October 6, 2018

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