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What is the real aim of the Synod of Bishops?

Post date:   2018-10-09
Autor:   BCP


What is the real aim of the Synod of Bishops?


The Synod of Bishops on Youth is taking place in Rome from October 3 to October 28, 2018. The Synod in fact seeks to embody the heresies and spirit of Amoris Laetitia which opens the door to the legalization of homosexuality in the Church. The main initiator is Francis. He has chosen 39 like-minded legates to monitor the Synod. Among them are Card. Marx, a member of the C9 Council and advocate of same-sex marriage in the Church, Chicago’s Card. Cupich, a supporter of homosexuality and migration, Card. J.W. Tobin who has covered up for McCarrick until this day, and others like them. They will lead the Synod to the conclusions determined in advance by Francis.


Thank God for brave men who have risen up in the Church these days to start with lustration of cardinals for the sake of the Church’s restoration. This is to ensure that the future Pope can by no means be a supporter of homosexuality similar to Francis. They will then continue with the lustration of bishops.


The Synod on Youth is built on a false foundation which boycotts the spiritual dimension, and this is a crime. It has also been noted by Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia.


The Synod fails to respond to the need to create conditions for Catholic youth to escape the demoralizing influence of the world. Quote from the Synod’s documents: The question of sexuality and corporality, dimensions that should not be recognized as the enemy of but as fundamental to the development of a person”. This statement confirms that when the world drags Catholic youth into a moral cesspit, the synodal Fathers do not recognize it as the enemy but rather as fundamental to so-called personality – subjective – development, including homosexuality and other deviations, instead of treating it according to God’s commandments. They neither lead young people to conversion nor offer them the means of help which Jesus has given the Church for the spiritual struggle.


Czech bishop T. Holub has just described the attitudes of present-day youth at the Synod. However, he has not offered the solution.


Discussing the question of morals will not help unless the Church deals in the first place with the question of the purity of faith, a personal relationship to Christ and the following of Christ. Jesus says clearly, “He who keeps My commandments, it is he who loves Me.” (Jn 14)


To reduce the Synod to the dimension of sociology and psychology is purposeful manipulation intended to conceal the reality of God’s commandments and faith being abolished in practical life. The purpose of human life is not to indulge in sexual pleasure; much less is the purpose of the Church to sanctify immorality. The purpose of life is to save the soul, and the Church has the task to create conditions for this by preaching the Gospel, keeping God’s commandments and administering the sacraments. Sexuality is clearly defined in the sixth and ninth commandments of God’s law as well as by Christ’s commandments which, in addition, strike at the root, i.e. show the need of a change of mind. They also affect the human feelings and the spiritual root in the soul from which every act proceeds. Jesus says clearly, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Jesus expresses the radical attitude in this sphere by speaking about cutting off the hand and foot or plucking out the eye, and He adds that it is better to enter God’s kingdom with only one hand or foot than to be thrown into eternal fire with both hands and feet. (cf. Mt 5:27-30) This is Jesus’ view of sexuality. And as for marriage, Jesus emphasizes God’s view, and institutes marriage as a sacrament (cf. Mt 19:3-9; 1Cor 7:1-14; Eph 5:22-33).


If the Catholic Church led young people to conversion and to the following of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God would give them not only true motivation but also the strength to keep God’s and Christ’s commandments. Without building the foundations of a living faith moral demands are a mere burden.


Unfortunately, Vatican II began the process of aggiornamento instead of a true restoration of the Church, which was also why it was deliberately silent on the heresies of (Neo)Modernism forbidden already by Pius X. Consequently, after the Second Vatican Council, these heresies questioned the very essence of faith at all theological schools. Moreover, the Council’s Nostra Aeate declaration opened the door to a regard for paganism and its demons as well as for Islamization. After the Council, the spirit of heresy along with the spirit of paganism paved the way for the invasion of homosexualism (see Rom 1:18f). The homosexual lobby exists even in the Vatican. However, after being exposed, Francis tries to avoid true repentance by pious manipulations and calls for prayer. These days he has even used the tactics of creating the impression that he wants to investigate the homosexual crimes. But in fact he sees to it that the process of self-destruction of the Church continues. What betrays him is also the fact that he has not only been silent on the “dubia” until this day but is now implementing the Amoris Laetitia heresies in practice through the Synod. If this is successful, then what will be the point of religious communities which will be full of homosexual “vocations”? And what will be the point of the sacrament of marriage if Card. Marx, Francis’ counselor, advocates gay marriage? To administer Holy Communion to homosexuals who refuse to repent is legalization of sacrilege! The Church will no longer be the Church of Christ but Sodom and Gomorrah! Then there only remains a fearful expectation of fire from heaven.


The Christians who seek to restore the Church and live by faith are labeled by the Synod as intolerant hypocrites who discriminate against the “free children of God”.


The prophetic voice of Archbp. Viganò came at the eleventh hour. It is necessary to mobilize and to remove the homolobby not only from the Vatican but also from among the bishops and priests!


The bishops today must either set an example of repentance and conversion, or resign. Francis, who persistently refuses to repent although he is now talking about repentance with hypocritical pathos, must be the first to resign.


Francis is the opposite of the saint Pope Pius V who saved Europe from Islamization (1571) and radically opposed homosexualism in the Church. He decreed that a cleric who committed a homosexual act had to be degraded and handed over to state court. He added: “Otherwise this abominable vice will not be eradicated from the Church.”


Francis, by contrast, wants homosexualism to take root in the Church, and he does so in a clever way – even through the Synod.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops

October 7, 2018


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