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The Bishops’ Synod has brought the Church to the brink of schism – what is the solution?

Post date:   2018-10-29
Autor:   BCP


The Bishops’ Synod has brought the Church to the brink of schism – 

what is the solution?


By the final document proclaimed on October 27, 2018, the Bishops’ Synod in Rome legalized sodomy in the Church which the Holy Scripture warns against with the punishment of eternal fire (2Pt 2:6). This led to the culmination of an internal schism in the Catholic Church. The apostate hierarchy present in the Synod thus embedded in the document open rebellion against God and His commandments. The main initiator of this rebellion is pseudo Pope Francis Bergoglio, who occupies his office unlawfully, protects and promotes sexual perverts in the highest positions.

The brave Archbishop Viganò called on the pseudo Pope along with the homosexual lobby of bishops and cardinals to resign in order that the process of the Church’s restoration may be started. Bergoglio responded by officially approving sodomy through the Synod.


Bergoglio and the sodomites in the highest places in the Church have brought the Church to the brink of schism, and the question arises: What is now the solution for the Church?

1. Bergoglio and the homosexual lobby must resign from the highest positions in the Church and thus create the conditions for the election of an orthodox Catholic Pope. Furthermore, the final document of the Bishops’ Synod, which is heretical, must be publicly declared null and void. One can expect that Bergoglio and the allied homosexual lobby will not resign voluntarily and the heretical document will not be publicly annulled.

2. Therefore, a group of orthodox Catholic bishops must become aware of the extraordinary gravity of the situation and elect a lawful Pope from among themselves. Then they will publicly declare Bergoglio an invalid Pope by reason of heresies. Bergoglio is to blame for the schism because of his heresies and obstinacy. Other bishops in the Church will have a choice to decide whether they want to be under a valid and orthodox Catholic Pope or under an invalid heretic.


The priests within the jurisdiction of a bishop who will remain under the invalid Pope are obliged to ask their bishop to submit to the orthodox Catholic Pope. If he does not do so, they must dissociate themselves from him as from a heretic, choose an orthodox Catholic candidate and ask the lawful Pope to accept and consecrate the candidate. This painful operation will prevent the destructive process in the Church of Christ.


A certain example from the history of the Church is the extraordinary election of the legitimate Pope Nicholas II in 1058. Pope Benedict X was in Rome at the time. The election of the new Pope took place, against all customs, outside Rome. It was held by five bishops in connection with several reformers. The new Pope then declared Benedict X invalid and forced him to leave Rome.


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops


October 29, 2018


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