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The Bishops’ Synod and LGBTQ

Post date:   2018-10-30
Autor:   BCP


The Bishops’ Synod and LGBTQ


Quote from the Final Document: “The Church renews its commitment against all discrimination and violence on a sexual basis.”

Commentary: Instead of standing against Francis and making him resign for his covering up of violence on a sexual basis, the Synod does the exact opposite and issues a final document legalizing sodomy!

The Synod was obliged to renew its commitment to follow the path of repentance and of keeping God’s commandments. However, it made a specific commitment against all discrimination on a sexual basis. The Church of Francis will now stand against homophobes, i.e. those who will defend God’s commandments!


Quote: “(The Synod) considers it reductive to define the identity of persons solely on the basis of their ‘sexual orientation’.”

Commentary: So the real and biblical division of people into men and women has been done away with? To define the identity solely on the basis of so-called sexual orientation means to deny the basic reality that a man is a man and a woman is a woman. So-called sexual orientation, covering sexual deviations of all kinds, is an ideological term intended to promote the so-called rights of LGBTQ people. In terms of Christianity, these are serious sins and spiritual bondage. To normalize sin in the Church is a betrayal of God and His commandments.


Quote: “In many Christian communities there are already paths of accompaniment in the faith of homosexual persons: the Synod recommends that these paths be encouraged.”

Commentary: The Church is obliged to accompany people on the path of conversion, repentance and following Christ, i.e. on the path to eternal life. Now the Synod has resolved to accompany so-called homosexual persons on the path to hell because it does not call a sin a sin and does not lead these people to necessary repentance. It no longer strives for the salvation of souls.


Quote: “In these paths people are helped to understand their own [personal] history; to adhere freely and responsibly to their own baptismal call…”

Commentary: If LGBT people are to adhere freely and responsibly to their baptismal call, they have to repent and struggle with the help of God against the sin of sodomy and other forms of spiritual bondage. Similarly, everyone has to fight so as not to be trapped in unclean bondage but to live a pure life.


Quote: “…to recognize the desire to belong to and contribute to the life of the community; and to discern the best ways of achieving it.”

Commentary: What manipulation! Those who belong to the Christian community are only Christians who fight against sin and show true repentance to save their souls! It is nonsense for those who deny sin and the path of repentance to belong to the Christian community. Such people do not contribute to the life but rather destruction of the community. The best way of achieving it (destruction) is the final document of the heretical Synod. The Synod thus de facto indicates that seminaries, monasteries and the highest positions in the Church should prefer admission of LGBTQ people! But this turns the Scripture and Tradition upside down!


Quote: “In this way we help every young person, no one excluded, to integrate the sexual dimension more and more into their personality, growing in the quality of relationships and walking towards the gift of self.”

Commentary: The Church should help young people to integrate the spiritual and moral dimension. That means, to receive Christ and to integrate Him more and more deeply into their personality. This is done on the path of repentance and following Christ, so that one can then say, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2:20) If instead the Synod wants to “help” young people to integrate the sexual dimension into their personality by legalizing sodomy, it is a crime and spiritual suicide.


Quote: “…walking towards the gift of self.”

Commentary: Jesus does not emphasize self, i.e. egoism, but quite the contrary, “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Me.” (Mt 16) The heretical document, which helps to integrate the sexual dimension, leads young people to get their self into bondage. This is no gift of self but the promotion of egoism and sin. It is a revolt against God’s commandment! The fruit of immorality is the disintegration of personality and society.


What trick was used in voting?

The code term “sexual inclination”, which features in the document, is tantamount to LGBTQ for the UN and homosexual lobby.

The working document Instrumentum laboris used the term LGBTQ. Number 3 of the final document says that the two documents are intrinsically linked and are to be read together. The bishops only voted on the final document but this trick was used to give ecclesiastical approval to the term LGBTQ included in the Instrumentum laboris.


Quote by Bergoglio: “Now the Holy Spirit gives us the document so that it can work in our hearts.”

Commentary: To attribute the heretical document to the Holy Spirit is manipulation, the grossest blasphemy and a sin against the Holy Spirit. If anyone accepts this poisonous, anti-biblical and anti-Church document, it will work in their hearts like spiritual poison.


Quote by Bergoglio: “This is a protected space. Let us not forget this. It was the Spirit who worked here.”

Commentary: It was a contaminated space! Let us not forget this. Indeed, it was the spirit who worked there – but it was not the Spirit of Christ but the spirit of Antichrist.


The final document is contrary to Scripture and the two-thousand-year Tradition of the Church! It is heretical!


October 30, 2018


+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



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