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An admonition to a Judas bishop

Post date:   2019-01-08
Autor:   BCP


An admonition to a Judas bishop


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) hereby issues a public admonition to Bishop Miklós Beer before all Catholics of Hungary. By his public call he supported demonstrators against the legitimate government which defends Christianity and Hungary. The government is under great pressure because it effectively protests against violent Islamization and gender demoralization associated with the stealing of children and their adoption by homosexuals or paedophiles.


Dear Bishop, Your attitude has proved that You are in favour of gender demoralization and violent Islamization, and You should herd swine rather than spiritual sheep. Your attitude is a sign of unbelief and betrayal of Christ’s teachings and of Your own nation! Did You accept Soros’ Judas money, as was obviously done by those who went out into the streets?


If You still have a conscience, resign Your office as soon as possible and repent of the offence You have caused to the Church and the nation!


7 January 2019



+ Methodius OSBMr                                     + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



Download: An admonition to a Judas bishop (7.1.2019)