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A call to US Christians, especially bishops and priests (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-06
Autor:   BCP


A call to US Christians, especially bishops and priests


Dear bishops, priests and Christians of the USA!

You, US bishops, planned to clearly define guidelines for the purification of the Church from sexual abuse crimes last autumn. Francis forbade it categorically and postponed it until February. What did he reveal about the February meeting on the return flight from Panama? He senses an inflated expectation. He says that it is necessary to deflate the expectations to the points that he has mentioned! He specified that for that reason he had convened the presidents of the Episcopal conferences to the February meeting in order to give a “catechesis” on this problem.

What does it mean? Sexual abuse will not be stopped but it will continue, as Francis says openly! Neither will the homosexual network be eradicated! So what will be the meeting’s concern? The introduction of a so-called catechesis through which homosexuality will be practically legalized in the Church! This is an evil deceit! This is a revolt against God’s order! This is the adoption of the spirit of the New Age and expulsion of the Holy Spirit from the Church! It is metamorphosis of the Church of Christ into the harlot of antichrist! Papal documents will be issued for this purpose which will contain, as Francis said, general guidelines for the Episcopal conferences. They will clearly define in a protocol what the bishop must do, what the archbishop must do, and what the president of the Episcopal conference must do. This is, as Francis said, the main thing at the February meeting. This official introduction of moral decay leads to hell! This is the grossest abuse of papal power.


Francis is a manifest apostate and heretic:

1) He denies the existence of universally valid moral principles (Amoris Laetitia).

2) He promotes gender suicide of youth. He urged parents in Ireland to support the development of gender deviation in the manipulated children.

3) He approved so-called sex education in schools. He thus de facto approved demoralization and satanization of children (see video http://vkpatriarhat.org/en/?p=16300, https://youtu.be/H8aiZKTizGM). He said it in an interview on the return flight from Panama.

4) He protects the criminal homosexual network in the highest positions in the Church.

5) The 2018 Synod on Young People under his leadership legalized LGBT by means of manipulation.

6) By kissing the feet of transsexuals he sets a precedent for the entire Church and humanity for rejecting God’s order.

7) He promotes the elimination of Christianity through programmed Islamization.


It is patently obvious that Francis, an apostate and heretic, is an invalid Pope! This is laid down in the Bull of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio and in the Letter to the Galatians 1:8-9.


What is the solution? Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò made the first step to save the Church, even at the cost of risking his own life. You, Catholics of the United States, are to make the second step! Separate yourselves from the manifest heretic and apostate, otherwise the Church in the United States and throughout the world will become the harlot of antichrist and the synagogue of Satan. In the present situation, there is only one step towards salvation: To choose a legitimate Pope! Extraordinary conditions require extraordinary procedures. No doubtful conclave and no questionable candidates! The ecclesiastical election procedure in this situation would not allow the election of an orthodox lawful Pope! Something similar was the election of Nicholas II. The reform circles chose Gerard, Bishop of Florence, and the election took place in Siena, i.e. outside Rome contrary to all custom. It was carried out only by five Cardinal bishops in union with several reformers. This laid the foundations for a radical restoration of the Church.


Today, the orthodox nucleus of the US bishops should either elect a legitimate Pope from their midst, or they should elect Archbishop Viganò who has made a heroic stand for the purification of the Church. Make the result of the election public to the entire Catholic world. Afterwards, the legitimate Pope shall call on Francis to resign. The excommunication against Francis, which he had drawn on himself before, should be made public too. Separation from him will save the Church even at the price of a schism caused by him and his followers.

Unless You make this step to save the Church, the Church will continue to bleed until, little by little, it will bleed to death.



Dear American believers, lay the foundations for restoration! Make a promise to God to devote one hour daily to prayer throughout this month.

Dear priests, take the first step towards the restoration of the Church and stop mentioning the name of the public apostate Francis in the Holy Mass.

Dear bishops, God wants you to make a step of faith, which is an extraordinary election of a lawful Pope! This is the will of God!



+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


February 2, 2019


Download: A call to US Christians, especially bishops and priests (2/2/2019)