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The attitude of a Christian and of the Bible towards gender ideology (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-07


The attitude of a Christian and of the Bible towards gender ideology


First, there is a question: Who is man and who is God?

Man is a creature dependent on his Creator – God. He is created in the image of God. He has a spiritual essence. At the moment of death, the human body begins to dissolve into dust. The spirit stands before God to give an account for his life. If man rejected the truth, killed his conscience and died in such a state, he is eternally condemned. Man who struggled against lies and evil, searched for and accepted the Truth, which is Jesus Christ, will live forever.

God created man male and female. God created no gender monster.

If anyone receives Christ, it is true about him: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.” (Gal 2:20) The devil’s transgender ideology says that someone else lives in the body, not the one to whom the body belongs. Whoever believes it, it is true about him that it is no longer he who lives, but the gender demon lives in him. Jesus cast out these unclean gender demons! He neither had a dialogue with them nor tolerated them.


It is incomprehensible that gender laws have been adopted on the Christian territory. Until very recently there was God’s legislation. It is encoded into conscience and into the divine order. It protected man against the invasion of demonic forces and satanization of the human nature. Heresies within the Church and opening the door to paganism in Nostra Aetate have resulted in the denial of God’s laws. God’s laws have been replaced by gender legislation through which gender demons have entered. This has led to the mass satanization of the Church and mankind. The fruit is hell on earth and hell after death.


What is repentance unto salvation?

1. It means to renounce heresies and to cleanse the Church of demonic neopaganism!

2. Gender legislation and all so-called anti-discriminatory laws must be annulled!

3. Gender ideology in the mass media, education and culture must be prohibited!


The Pope is obliged to condemn the satanization of the Church and mankind. He is obliged to publicly condemn the terror which the UN, EU and other supranational organizations use to establish gender legislation. The Pope must point to the fruits of gender ideology, which is mass suicide. Gender terror is the gravest crime against humanity. The Pope must publicly call it by this name.


The current pseudo Pope Francis not only keeps silent but he even actively promotes gender satanization by his words and gestures. He deserves the punishment of a mass murderer. He proves before all mankind that he is no legitimate Pope but an apostate.


The first task of a legitimate Pope will be to stand in defence of moral and God’s laws. He will say a definite NO to the satanic gender ideology!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


5 February 2019


Download: The attitude of a Christian and of the Bible towards gender ideology (5/2/2019)