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The fruits of Vatican II after 54 years (+video)

Post date:   2019-02-08
Autor:   BCP


The fruits of Vatican II after 54 years


Jesus said: “A tree is known by its fruit.” Today we reap the fruits of Vatican II. The homosexual network has infiltrated the highest positions in the Church, and the head of the Church promotes Islamization and gender immorality.

The period of the 1960s saw the escalation of the invasion of occultism and paganism coupled with yoga. It also witnessed an explosion of decadent culture and Kinsey’s sexual revolution. What was the Church’s response? The Council’s aggiornamento opened the heart of the Church to such a world.


Instead of warning against the invasion of paganism the Council introduced a regard for paganism, de facto for its demons (1Cor 10:20).

Instead of purging the Church of heretics John XXIII entrusted heretics with the task of presiding over the Council.

Instead of a promised new Pentecost the Holy Spirit was expelled from the Church! He was replaced by the spirit of the world.

The Letter to the Romans expresses the rule: Heresies + neopaganism = homosexuality.


“They exchanged the truth of God for the lie – for heresies … and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator – a regard for paganism in Nostra Aetate … For this reason … men with men commit what is shameful – this is the homosexual network in the Church.


St Pius X condemned the heresies of Modernism. The Council was silent on the spread of those heresies and thus legalized them. Clerical formation was poisoned worldwide.


The homosexual network with Francis is also the poisoned fruit of Vatican II. The Church under the leadership of Francis cooperates on autogenocide of mankind.


What is the solution? To admit that the fruit of Vatican II is deadly! To admit that orthodoxy has been replaced by heresies! To admit the invasion of paganism and sodomy!


Repentance means to return to orthodoxy and to the following of Christ in the Spirit of truth.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


6 February 2019


Download: Ovoce II. Vaticana po 54 letech (6/2/2019)