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Francis and the spirit of New Age ecology (+video)

Post date:   2019-07-05
Autor:   BCP


Francis and the spirit of New Age ecology


On June 17, 2019, a disturbing document ‘Instrumentum Laboris’ was issued for the Amazon Synod. The document has three parts.

The first part is entitled: The Voice of the Amazon

With the condemnation of colonialism, it at the same time condemns the apostolic work of missionaries, their sacrifices and martyrdom. The heretical and gnostic text fundamentally contradicts the Catholic faith. Man is understood as an integral part of nature. This is the heresy of pantheism. Creation is referred to as “Mother Earth”. This term is commonly used by the New Age movement. Animism, which offers sacrifices to demons, is praised here as an authentic spiritual value. As such, according to the document, it should become a new language of the Church. The Holy Scripture, however, strongly warns: “The things which pagans sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God.” (1Cor 10:20)


The second part of the document is entitled: Integral Ecology (the Church’s activity in combating the socio-environmental crisis)

Today, ecology along with gender ideology, harmful vaccines, narcotics and euthanasia is integrated into the humanity reduction program.

Advocating the Islamization of Europe, Francis claims to fight for so-called refugee rights. Similarly, he strives to spread paganism in South America and manipulates opinion by saying that he fights for the rights of the indigenous people.


The third part of the document is entitled: The Challenges and Hopes of the Prophetic Church in Amazonia

It is a false prophecy. Bergoglio is primarily concerned with the promotion of women’s ordination as priestesses. Pagans have their priestesses who offer sacrifices to demons. Such rituals are connected with immorality. Bergoglio, moreover, strives to introduce pagan elements and a pagan spirit into the Liturgy.


The Amazon Synod, scheduled for October 6-27, 2019, is the next in the series of vehemently and purposefully promoted action programs of pseudo Pope Bergoglio. Bergoglio destroys the last doctrinal and moral principles. He abuses the supreme authority in the Church against God and against the believers, thus trying to destroy the very institution of the papacy. Instead of true repentance, he drives Catholics onto a broad way into eternal perdition.


Archbp. Viganò requires Francis’ resignation from office and the elimination of the homosexual network starting from the highest places in the Church. Bergoglio boycotts it cynically. When the US bishops wanted to effectively deal with the problem of sexual abuse, he forbade them. He promised to deal with this problem comprehensively at the Synod held in Rome in February 2019. In fact, he committed fraud and did the exact opposite. He had antibiblical tolerance of sodomy – LGBT – implanted in a relevant document. This was another spiritual poison instead of an effective antidote.


Previously, Bergoglio outlined the program of the heretical Amoris Laetitia. It denies objective moral norms and abolishes the binding character of the Law of God.


His heretical documents destroy the essence of Christianity. But he not only writes documents, he literally creates practical conditions for the destruction of Christianity.


He is in line with the current UN devastation program. He advocates demoralization of children by approving so-called sexual education. It is a crime not only against children and parents, but also against humanity. It is de facto the satanization of children.


Dear cardinals, bishops and priests, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting until Bergoglio destroys all the foundations of the Church? Both Scripture and the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV forbid the believers to obey a heretic, including a Pope! A heretic is deprived of all ecclesiastical offices and is no longer a Christian (cf. Gal 1:8).


Supranational institutions today, through legislation and mass media, promote immorality and a program of reduction of humanity. Francis has not lifted up a prophetic voice against this trend, but rather has united with it.


Through Vatican II’s aggiornamento, the Church has gradually adopted the spirit and thought of the world and belief in false ideologies. Jesus says, “Change your mind, and believe in the Gospel.” And then He says, “Unless you repent, you will all perish.” Really all – including the unrepentant heretic Bergoglio!


Our goal is not the false New Age ecology, but the salvation of souls! Therefore, it is necessary to point to the hidden reality of sin and evil. If we do not point to the deep reality of sin in us, we have no need for the Savior, the Deliverer from sin, our Lord Jesus Christ! And then the Gospel and the Law of God are unnecessary too. Francis uses ecology to divert attention from the essence. He does not point to sin, does not lead people to repentance and conversion, does not defend the truths of faith and morals, but he does the exact opposite. And this is the spirit of Satanism. Bishops and priests are obliged to force this manifest heretic to resign. Today, it is enough just to join Archbp. Viganò who has already clearly outlined the program of restoration of the Church, namely:

1) the accelerated resignation of Francis from office,

2) the removal of the homosexual network in the highest places in the Church,

3) the need for repentance within the restoration process.


An extraordinary situation requires extraordinary means. First, it is necessary to elect a true Catholic Pope. He will represent the true Church. Those who will remain under the heretic Francis, or under his heretical successors, will represent the Church of Antichrist, the New Age Church. This Church will lead the souls to eternal perdition. Separation from a heretic is no schism; it is a necessary purge of heresies and of the amoral network.


The Amazon document is a combination of pantheistic and gnostic heresies. It is another spiritual poison of Bergoglio’s alchemy.

What should sincere cardinals and bishops do? Agree on the deposition of the false heretical Pope!

What should priests do? No longer mention his name in the Liturgy!

What should believers do? Pray and fast for a new orthodox Pope and for the deposition of the heretic. If a priest still mentions the heretical Pope in the Liturgy, at that moment let those who are present say, “Anathema!”


The time is ripe these days! Before the Amazon Synod, the extraordinary situation calls for an extraordinary election of a Pope who will block the destruction process. He will then carry out a true reform to restore the Church. This is the will of God! God wants it!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                          + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


June 24, 2019


Download: Francis and the spirit of New Age ecology (24/6/2019)