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Malignant tumour of German theology in the Church (+video)

Post date:   2019-07-19
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Malignant tumour of German theology in the Church


What fruits does German theology bear? It bears the fruits of death.

Contemporary German bishops and theologians, with some honourable exceptions, are heretics and apostates. President of the Bishops’ Conference, Card. Marx, and also Card. Kasper push for the transition of the Church to the New Age. They promote sodomy as well as the programme of the Amazon Synod associated with acceptance of pagan Satanism towards the so-called revitalization of the Church and Liturgy. In this respect they are in unity with pseudo Pope Francis. Moreover, the majority of German bishops advocate the Islamization of Europe. These German false prophets are the biggest ulcer on the body of the Catholic Church. They are neither Catholics nor Christians anymore. All of them are excluded from the Mystical Body of Christ according to Gal 1:8 and if they do not repent, they will end up in eternal damnation. The spiritual poison has spread from Germany already for decades and borne the fruits of death.

Question: What about Karl Rahner’s teaching?

Answer: Though Rahner did not promote sodomy or Islamization, he had the same spirit as contemporary German heretics. By his teaching he denied the principle that the revealed truth always connects an unambiguous reality with the mystery of faith. This is also the case with the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God. Rahner deprived the reality of unambiguousness by obscure pseudo-mysticism and replaced the mystery of faith with confusing rationalism. This is in direct contradiction to Catholic faith.


Question: What about Zollitsch, the former President of the German Bishops’ Conference?

Answer: Ten years ago, he uttered the greatest heresy, saying that Christ did not die for our sins but out of solidarity with the suffering. When explaining it, he uttered another heresy and absurdity, saying that Christ did not have to die for us because we have no sins. So great is the level of stupidity which German philosophy and theology has reached!

The promotion of homosexualism is only a consequence of the spiritual blindness of these servants of the angel of light, the devil.


Question: What will guarantee our salvation?

Answer: Definitely not the pseudo-Christianity of German theologians. Salvation is guaranteed to us by the pure teaching of Christ’s Gospel, behind which is the Spirit of truth. Behind various philosophies and German theologies is the spirit of lies and death.


Question: What is the historical-critical method (theology) about?

Answer: We have nothing to do with the history of biblical criticism but with the history of speculation or spiritual pathology.


Question: Through whom did this spirit of lies and heresy rise?

Answer: It was through H. S. Reimarus, an 18th-century German theologian. He was completely influenced by the spirit of the Enlightenment. Reimarus was the first to distinguish between the so-called “historical Jesus” and the so-called “Christ of the Bible”. This gave rise to an anti-religious conspiracy among the intellectuals of that time.


Question: How did the heretical trend develop in the 19th century?

Answer: In the 19th century, the main focus of the ideologically controlled denial of the Gospels expanded from Hamburg to Tübingen. The head of theologians was F. C. Baur.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the door opens to fantasy and unbridled speculation. At the same time, the unproven theories of the predecessor are taken over unthinkingly. After Baur came Wrede, Renan, Schweitzer, Harnack, Dibelius, Bultmann… Their heretical demagogy has been continually taken over without criticism up to this day.


Question: Did Catholics open up to the spirit of heresy as well?

Answer: This spirit entered the Catholic Church at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1907, Pope St Pius X made a stand against it in his encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis.


Question: Did the Pope do more than just reveal heresies?

Answer: Yes, he made practical steps. Professors and students had to renounce the heresy of Modernism. If anyone refused to do so, he was expelled from the seminary or deprived of lectureship. In addition, doctrinal commissions were established in the dioceses. They kept an eye on Catholic literature to prevent heretical priests from poisoning the Catholic believers.


Question: Did any professors manage to escape just punishment?

Answer: Yes. Among them was also Prof. Roncalli, later Pope John XXIII. He opened the door to this spirit at Vatican II.


Question: Is the historical-critical method scientific?

Answer: No, it presents mere assumptions as scientific evidence. It is neither critical nor scientific, just builds one erroneous conclusion on another.


Question: Did this ideology support anti-Semitism and fascism?

Answer: Bultmann and Dibelius, with their invented “form criticism”, gave Hitler a pseudo-scientific armament not only against Judaism but also against Christianity.


Question: Which of the Catholic theologians succumbed most to the heretical current?

Answer: The pre- and post-conciliar theologians who lacked a firm Christian faith. They conformed to the currents of the time like a wind indicator spinning to and fro. This can nowadays be illustrated by the example of Schillebeeckx, a peritus at Vatican II, whose teachings differed from the teachings of the Catholic Church. Another example of a heretic is Drewermann who being a liar himself arrogantly calls the evangelist Matthew a liar.


Question: What is the attitude of the founders of this ideology towards the fundamental truths of the faith?

Answer: Schmidt, Dibelius and Bultmann deny the Divinity of Christ as well as the Divine Revelation as such.


Question: How do modern Catholic biblicists and theologians view this ideology?

Answer: They uncritically accept their preconceptions and false hypotheses. They use them as a foundation for their so-called “scholarly research”. The result is tragic – they implicitly denied the Divine Revelation and all the miracles in the Bible.


Question: What does Prof. Eta Linnemann, Bultmann’s former student and co-worker, say about so-called Biblical science?

Answer: Linnemann notes sadly: “We have put generation after generation of believing Christian young people, who were willing and eager to serve God, through this fire, sacrificing them to the Moloch of an atheistic theology. The result has been generation after generation of misguided guides. When will we become converted at last and leave this idolatry?”


Question: If anyone follows this path of theological godlessness, is he still free in his decisions?

Answer: Linnemann says: “No,” and she adds: “There is something or someone that forces him. This pressure is not exerted just through professional methods. One has to do with demonic powers which hold sway over everyone who follows this way.”


Question: What did Linnemann say about her theological work which she had done as Bultmann’s student?

Answer: Linnemann said: “I regard everything that I taught and wrote before I entrusted my life to Jesus as refuse.” She threw her books into the trash and asked all her readers to do the same.


Question: What should German theologians do?

Answer: They are obliged to change their heretical thinking, to undergo a true metanoia. May the German Professor Eta Linnemann be an example to them! However, to admit one’s mistake or the fact that one has been deceived requires that one self-critically bows before the Truth, which is Jesus.


Question: Who manifested himself as the first critic of God’s Word?

Answer: The devil in Paradise. He used a manipulative lie to deny God’s Word and caused the first people to die.


Question: How has the devil’s poison of heresy manifested itself in the history of the Church?

Answer: Ancient Arianism is similar to neo-Modernism. Both deny the Divinity of Christ.


Question: Has any of the Popes throughout the Church’s history been deceived by heresies?

Answer: Yes, in the seventh century, Pope Honorius I neither discerned nor opposed the heresy of Monothelism. He was anathematized, i.e. excommunicated from the Church, several years after death.


Question: What about the conciliar and post-conciliar Popes today?

Answer: The conciliar and post-conciliar Popes have not actively opposed the super heresy of neo-Modernism, for which reason they have brought God’s anathema on themselves like Pope Honorius.


Question: What to say in conclusion?

Answer: The most topical issue during these days and hours is the election of an orthodox Pope instead of a heretic. If the new Pope neglects to use his authority in the first place to condemn the heresies of neo-Modernism connected with the historical-critical method, he will neglect his primary duty. He will thus be placed under an anathema like Pope Honorius. The priority task of the new Pope is to condemn the heresy of neo-Modernism by God’s authority and thus to cleanse the Church of this spiritual poison!


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                          + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


13 July 2019


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