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Orthopraxy versus Amazonia – Part 2 (+video)

Post date:   2019-07-30
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Orthopraxy versus Amazonia

Part 2


It is already widely known that the Instrumentum Laboris of the Amazon Synod is a purposeful destruction of Christianity. Certain authorities in the media referred to it as heresy, apostasy and stupidity! Time is ripe for every priest and bishop to stop mentioning the name of the heretic in the Holy Mass and to do their utmost to remove him from the papal office which he holds illegitimately. Archbp. C.M. Viganò appealed for Bergoglio’s resignation already a year ago.

Last time we talked about fellowship. Youth will not be saved by Bergoglio’s calls to ‘make chaos’, but they can only be saved by Christ. Apart from a safe family environment, adolescent children need Christian fellowship. At this transitional adolescent age, they are more impressed by the authority of a two or three years older boy or girl in the Christian fellowship who can inspire and motivate them. The leader of the Christian community himself must have the spirit of true repentance and the spirit of prayer.


Seven motivational thoughts for the leaders:


1) A true ideal

As leader of the Christian community, fill youth with enthusiasm for a true ideal and the purpose of life. The purpose of our life is not to eat and drink, to get the best out of life, and then to die like animals. The purpose of our life is to obtain eternal life. And eternal life is only in Jesus Christ! In Him we have true happiness already in this life and eternal life after death. Self-denial is not the end but the necessary means to the end, i.e. to our eternal happiness. We deny ourselves in things which are harmful for us and divert us from our goal. Self-denial is part of a brave fight and true heroism. The struggle with oneself is the hardest one, and that is why the victory is most glorious.


2) Pure love

Explain to young people what true love is connected with selfless sacrifice. It has nothing to do with moral impurity, egoism or hedonism. Pure youth is the best preparation for a happy marriage, and the more so for the priestly or religious life. Pure youth is extraordinary heroism, or even bloodless martyrdom.


3) The condemnation of massive manipulation

Ridicule and condemn evil and lies which manipulate and enslave youth.

Condemn drugs which turn man into a human wreck and a parasite.

Expose the deception of gambling. It robs man of all property and makes him a slave.

Tell young people that the demonic root of rock music is satanic voodoo. Decadent music is connected with trance, cynicism, drugs, moral perversion, the invocation of demons and brainwashing. It is modern slavery. Tell the whole world: We want to be free, not slaves! Our freedom is in Christ and not in decadent satanic music.

Call sexual perversions by their proper names and show their poisonous fruits – fatal AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction, possession by unclean spirits (demons), and suicidal euthanasia. Warn young people against the tragic end of a dissolute life!


4) Use of the internet

Excite youth to special heroism in self-control and discipline in relation to the internet and social networks. Many people have become slaves to it.

Develop in young people a sound attitude towards the internet and teach them to use it only as much as is necessary and useful. The internet is a dangerous weapon for one’s own self-destruction. If young people have not been warned, they open themselves to pornography, instructions for Satanism, for the occult, for various forms and practices of divination, magic and spiritualism behind which is the spirit of lies and death. What is more, the internet gives instructions for suicide, and many young people and children have already paid with their lives.


5) The harmful influence of neopaganism

Ridicule the promotion of paganism and sects. This is no true spirituality, but demonic. We serve the true God and not the devil, and we need not even fear death! On the contrary, we are ready to give our lives as martyrs for Christ and for the salvation of souls.


6) Christ is our way

The way of following Christ is the greatest honour of our life! Show young people an ever new perspective it opens in the knowledge of Christ. The crown of eternal glory awaits us if we prove faithful in the fight!


7) True mission

The spiritual fight also involves mission or the salvation of souls from the devil’s snares. This is true rescue work. To save a person or several people from death is heroism. But to save them from eternal death is extraordinary heroism! Moreover, after a lifelong struggle an extraordinary reward is in store.


Question: Where do we draw strength for the spiritual fight for salvation?

Answer: We draw this strength from Jesus, namely in interior prayer, by keeping His commandments, by reading the Scripture or the lives of saints, by sharing in mutual encouragement in fellowship. Jesus Himself is in us, gives us strength and protects us. He will never forsake us, either in life or in death.


Question: We are weak; even if we resolve to fight, we fall again and again. What to do?

Answer: I would like to emphasize the importance of prompt repentance immediately, even after we fall into a minor sin. Repentance renews strength, gives light and preserves us from grave sins. Do not take your eyes off the goal, for you are fighting for the most important thing on this earth, and that is the salvation of your soul! At the same time, you are fighting for the salvation of many other souls. This is true rescue mission and supreme heroism.


Question: How to shape other leaders for youth fellowships?

Answer: Every leader of a Christian fellowship should choose several younger boys or girls who have a natural disposition for the role of authority and help them gradually form a fellowship of younger boys or girls.


Purification within fellowship


Question: What is directly connected with a living prayer in fellowship?

Answer: When people want to live a life of intense prayer in fellowship, they do not reckon with deep purification in mutual relationships.


Question: How to put into practice the words of Jesus about a speck and plank in the eye?

Answer: We have a tendency to look at things only horizontally, and we ignore God. We are convinced that we have no plank. Only when we find ourselves in a particular situation when we want to purify our brother, suddenly the root is revealed. Today Jesus says even to you, “Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly…” But the condition is true repentance and sincere prayer. The Holy Spirit will enlighten you and you will see that the plank is your complete disregard of God in your everyday life. Only when you remove the plank of your disregard of God by repentance, you can also remove the speck that is in your brother’s eye.


Question: What does Jesus say about mutual reconciliation?

Answer: Jesus says, “If your brother has something against you, go and first be reconciled to your brother.”


Your brother is obviously guilty and, moreover, there is tension on his side. Nevertheless, Jesus says, “You go first!” Therefore you first need to ask God in prayer to enlighten you so that you can start from yourself. The goal is reconciliation and unity in Christ with your brother so that you may continue together in the work of God and have unity in prayer. If you make this first step, the spirit that held sway over your brother will leave. You likewise will receive light and grace for deeper purification of your soul.


Conclusion: The Scripture says about the early Christians, And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” They did not continue steadfastly in heretical doctrine like the present-day Vatican along with the pseudo Pope. The first Pope, Saint Peter, was crucified in the Vatican for the sake of Christ and the Gospel. Bergoglio has crucified both Christ and the papacy.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr                          + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


22 July 2019


Download: Orthopraxy versus Amazonia – Part 2 (22/7/2019)