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Repentance for the Amazon Synod in relation to the First Commandment (+video)

Post date:   2019-10-26
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Repentance for the Amazon Synod in relation to the First Commandment


The whole sphere of occultism is inherently connected with paganism, i.e. with the worship of the devil and demons. These are sins against the First Commandment. This sphere, however, is so hidden (occult) that many practices of magic and divination are unknowingly promoted even by a large number of monks and priests. The principle is as follows: If any practice contains hidden elements of magic, divination or spiritualism, even its modern form is already condemned by God! Through pagan occultism, individuals, nations as well as the Church are kept in spiritual darkness. Both paganism and contemporary New Age neopaganism have their root in Satanism, which also involves human sacrifices.

Pagan nations were held under the terror of shamans in darkness and cruelty.

Question: What is known about the Aztec pagan tribes?

Response: The Aztecs, the indigenous population of Mexico, offered 15 to 20 thousand human sacrifices every year. The spirit of paganism thus gained in strength. Not even Christian missionaries could break the cloud of fear and sadness which hanged over the indigenous peoples. Only when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in Guadalupe, nine million people experienced such a powerful conversion that the spirit of paganism, death and darkness was driven away. The Spirit of Christ – the spirit of truth, righteousness and peace – began to reign.


Question: What does the Word of God classify as occult in Deuteronomy 18:9-12?

Response: There are nine spheres:

1. passing through the fire – dedication to deities (demons)

2. (Hebrew: qosem) – divination (approx. 200 forms)

3. (me’onen) – astrology (horoscopes, signs of the zodiac…)

4. (menahesh) – white magic (healer, mesmerizer, parapsychologist...)

5. (mekhashef) – black magic (sorcerer...)

6. (hober haber) – folk magic (spells, so-called bewitchment, candle wax reading, cinders...)

7. (sho’el ’ob) – spiritualism practised as divination

8. (yidde‘oni) – soothsaying

9. (doresh ’el-hammetim) – spiritualism practised as magic

“All who do these things are an abomination to the Lord.” (v.12)


Question: What does the First Commandment say?

Response: The First Commandment says, “I am the Lord your God… You shall have no other gods but Me.”

Iyour God!” It is above all about a personal relationship. This relationship of love to a personal God is the most important thing. You cannot say that you love God unless you obey His specific demands: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. … You shall not go after other gods (demons), the gods of pagan peoples.” (Deu 6:4-14) Without the First Commandment, all the others make no sense! This relationship of love to God is associated with blessing and its transgression with the most severe punishments. Moses warns before his death: “If you worship pagan gods – demons – and serve them, you shall surely perish!” (Deu 30:15ff)

The history of Israel revolved around this chief commandment. When the nation inclined to pagan idolatry which has its strength in magic, divination and spiritualism (see Deu 18:9-14), the consequence was wars, diseasesAn exemplary punishment for the worship of pagan demons was the Babylonian exile and captivity. All the kings of Judah and Israel are judged by one criterion – whether they were idolaters or worshippers of the Lord (see 2Chr 11-36).


Question: What is the attitude of the New Testament towards the pagan practices of divination and magic?

Response: The preaching of the full Gospel in the New Testament required that people should not only believe in Christ but also break with the spirit of paganism.

Although the female slave at Philippi blew the trumpet for the preachers of the Gospel, the Apostle Paul cast the spirit of divination out of her (see Acts 16:16). While preaching the Gospel in Cyprus, Paul told the Jewish sorcerer that he was a son of the devil, and the sorcerer went blind (cf. Acts 13:1-12).

In Ephesus, pagans who were converted to Christianity burned occult books to the amount of fifty thousand pieces of silver (cf. Acts 19:18-20).

Question: What specifically should a Christian do today?

Response: Every truly converted Christian should cleanse his home not only of occult books but also of occult symbols and objects.

Common believers are most confused by so-called white magic which seems to heal. In fact, the demon that is behind magic does not heal but only moves the disease to another part of the body. Moreover, man is enslaved and this becomes most evident at the hour of death. The demon drags his victim to damnation. At the present time, there are almost 12 million ‘practitioners of magic’ in Italy alone. This fact points to existential disorientation.


Today we witness an invasion of foreign gods through pagan religions and practices. Therefore:

a) You shall not have an image in the form of pagan deities, such as symbols of animals or birds. You shall not wear zodiac sign necklaces or believe in horoscopes.

b) You shall not worship them: in other words, you shall not put your faith or heart in them (e.g. talismans, Oriental meditations).

c) You shall not serve them – various orders or prohibitions which falsely promise to bring you success and happiness. Do not be enslaved by ancient or modern superstitions because you thus put your faith in hidden demonic forces, and not in God. These hidden forces will then manifest themselves in your life by diseases or misfortunes. And most importantly – how will it all end? “…idolaters and those who practise magic arts shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire…” (Rev 21:8)



Recently, pharmacies have been filled with homoeopathic remedies. Science dissociates itself from them.

In the book “Alternativní medicína…” (Alternative medicine…), 12 Professors of Charles University state: Homoeopathy is based on irrational principles. We reject the medication it uses because its effectiveness has not been proved!

Dr. J. Tyler Kent, M.D., a prominent ideologist of homoeopathy, admits: “All homoeopathic remedies destructively affect first of all the will and consciousness. Aurum perverts the affections, and as a result man longs to die and seeks methods to commit suicide. Argentum disturbs the ability to think and ruins memory. It is the same with every homoeopathic substance.

The essence of homoeopathy is magic: 1) the law of similar – like cures like; 2) the dilution principle – The primary substance used for the preparation of a homoeopathic remedy is diluted. The dilution D30 contains not a single molecule of the original substance. There are also higher dilutions: D100, D200, D1000 or higher. One should realize that what is supposed to heal is no medical substance but a sort of immaterial energy, i.e. spirit forces! It must be clear to everyone that this is the field of alchemy and magic!


The third similarly dubious principle is the law of succussion.

Homoeopathic typology is occult, too. It is an analogy to astrological horoscopes!

“Acupuncture and homoeopathy do not use the help of natural powers but spiritual entities. Who undergoes such therapies opens the door for these entities.” (Dr. Maria Meyer, Hannover University

Francis today performs pagan rituals directly in the Vatican. His aim is to implant the occult and the religion of the old self, i.e. paganism, in the heart of the Church. If we want to keep God’s commandments and be saved, we must break with this occult pseudo spirituality. If anyone has sought help from a fortune-teller, occult healer or magician, or has resorted to homoeopathic remedies, acupuncture or other practices, he carries a spiritual infection within himself. He must renounce it and confess this sin against the First Commandment in the sacrament of penance. Let him burn or destroy the occult books and objects. This is concrete repentance of sincere Christians for the sake of their salvation and restoration of the Church. Through this repentance, they will also dissociate themselves from Bergoglio’s suicidal step. The First Commandment determines the personal relationship with God. Francis Bergoglio has cast it aside and adopted the pagan spirit from Amazonia. He has thus replaced the relationship with God by a personal relationship with the devil and his demons.


Different forms of occultism incompatible with Christianity:

1. Spiritualism

- conjuration of spirits, spiritualistic séances

- use of mediums, trance states

- crystal balls, Ouija boards, bottles…

2. Black and white magic

- spells, bewitchment, candle wax reading, burning cinders

- witchcraft

- superstitions, superstitious practices (a black cat, cuckoo...), lucky and unlucky numbers or days

- birth superstitions

3. Divination (approx. 200 forms)

- fortune telling by rings, handkerchiefs, photos...

- by coffee grounds, cards, palm reading, crystal ball reading, scrying by use of mirrors...

- dowsing rod, pendulum...

- astrology, zodiac signs, horoscopes, biorhythm cycles

- books of dreams, dream interpretation

4. Alternative medicine

- almost all traditional healers, bioenergetics, biotherapeutics

- aromatherapy (joss sticks, aromatic lamps…)

- homoeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, holotropic breathing, iris diagnostics

- “magic” herbs (Golden Yacca, ginseng)

- animal magnetism/mesmerism… various practices

- psychotronics (biotronics, geopathogenic zones)

- vegetarianism (connected with yoga and Oriental philosophies)

- Kashpirovsky, Baba Vanga…

5. Psychological methods

- hypnosis (autosuggestion, self-hypnosis, autogenic training)

- relaxation and autogenic relaxation techniques

- transcendental meditation, Silva method, reiki…

- so-called success courses

- New Age structures (Network 21: Amway; Oriflame, Herbalife…) building networks and communities and embracing New Age spirituality

6. False spirituality

- all kinds of yoga and Zen, and books and philosophies associated with it

- all kinds of Oriental martial arts associated with Oriental meditations and hence pagan spirituality (karate, aikido, taekwondo, wushu…)

- enthusiasm about Oriental religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism – through yoga, and their leaders (Gandhi, Dalai Lama, gurus…)

- enthusiasm about pagan Egyptian and Greek mythology (statuettes, amulets, ankh…)

- belief in reincarnation, extraterrestrials

7. Occult objects

- occult stones, amulets, pyramids, crystal stones, talismans “for luck”…

8. Occult literature and films

- handbooks for magic and divination, Gnostic literature, New Age literature

- science fiction, UFO...

9. Occult music with roots in satanic voodoo

- heavy metal, hard rock…

- New Age and esoteric music, relaxation music…


A sincere Christian, not just a Catholic, needs the power of God – the dynamis of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise he will be only a passive churchgoer rather than a disciple of Jesus. That is why he first needs to break with occult practices and the occult spirit! Let him renounce the occult practices which he has been involved in as well as the spirit that is behind them. Let him do so in the presence of two witnesses. A Catholic Christian should also confess this sin in the sacrament of penance.

This is concrete repentance which God demands at this historic moment of all genuine believers, priests, religious and bishops. God will then give you knowledge, the power of the Holy Spirit and true wisdom, and eternal life after death. Today Jesus says even to you: “Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” (Mk 1:15) “Unless you repent of these sins, you will perish!” (Lk 13:3)


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate
+ Methodius OSBMr                                    + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops


10 October 2019


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