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Judas and the Amazon Synod (+video)

Post date:   2019-10-31
Autor:   BCP


Judas and the Amazon Synod


The Amazon Synod was preceded by a pagan ritual in the Vatican Gardens with active participation of pseudo Pope Bergoglio. In the following days, however, orthodox Catholics threw pagan idols into the Tiber. Bergoglio had them searched for and pulled out. Then he made an absurd apology for the testimony of faith of orthodox Catholics. He had the pagan unclean idols displayed in a respectable place again. A Vatican spokesman said that the leaders of the Synod had prayed over those idols on every major occasion (see photo: https://www.complicitclergy.com/2019/10/25/urgent-plea-for-faithful-catholics-in-rome-to-take-action/, https://twitter.com/aaronfromATX/status/1186423294125232128). It is clear to everyone who is a Christian and has a Catholic faith that this Synod with Judas’ agenda and apostate gestures is a betrayal of Christ, of the Gospel and of the whole Christian tradition. It has brought into the heart of the Church the entire pagan system with its occult and with Satan-worshipping idolatry. Bergoglio, however, erroneously and stupidly says that today idolatry is no longer idolatry, i.e. the worship of Satan, but just a “common path”.

The Amazon Synod has led to a treacherous coup within the Catholic Church. Bergoglio has officially changed the essence of Christ’s Gospel, for which reason he is under an anathema – excommunication from the Church of Christ – according to Gal 1:8-9. The supreme authority has been abused against Christ, against the First Commandment and against the way of salvation. The relationship to Christ thus falls and is exchanged for the relationship to the devil.


As a result of the new Synod paradigms, it follows that:

1) The Gospel of Christ has de facto been officially condemned today by Bergoglio’s Vatican as a hateful and extremist ideology. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself, no longer acknowledged by the Vatican as the only Saviour, is thus condemned as being responsible for religious intolerance and violence against pagans. As a result, Bergoglio must apologize to the devil for the Lord Jesus and for violence with which He snatched (Gr. errisato) immortal souls from his grasp by His death on the cross (Col 1:13).


2) As a result of the new teaching, the Vatican must condemn Sts Peter and Paul and all the Apostles. What for? According to Bergoglio’s anti-Gospel, they are directly responsible for the death of millions of Christians martyred by pagans and pagan rulers. According to Bergoglio, they are thus equal to mass murderers. The death of martyrs for the sake of Christ is disparaged as completely useless. In addition, they are accused by Bergoglio of destroying pagan rites and so-called pagan culture.


3) Saints, missionaries and martyrs must now also be condemned by Bergoglio’s anti-Church as representatives of a fanatical ideology. Apparently, they were the initiators of violence and disturbed peaceful co-existence with pagans. Bergoglio must therefore issue a proclamation to unsaint them and must apologize to the devil and apostate Christianity for them. If they had dropped a single grain of incense before the idols, they would have lived in peace with pagans and saved their earthly lives. But they would have lost eternal life!


4) Bergoglio’s Vatican must issue a ban on the Letters of Sts Paul and Peter, on the four Gospels and on the whole Scripture, and denounce them as writings intolerant towards paganism and its demons. For this reason, the whole Christian tradition must be abolished too.


5) Bergoglio’s Church no longer fulfils Christ’s mission to preach the Gospel to all nations but has new antievangelical paths of merging with paganism. All Bergoglio’s Catholics must follow these paths. Those who will accept this devilish postsynodal anti-Gospel programme will create unity with Satan and his demons and are doomed to eternal hell. Bergoglio has turned upside down the most essential thing – the teaching about our salvation!


Conclusion: It is clear that a heretic cannot be the Pope and it is clear that Bergoglio is a heretic. It is therefore clear that one cannot and must not obey him; otherwise one participates in his betrayal of Christ, the Gospel and Apostolic Tradition.

Today, every Catholic is faced with a decision: either the Apostle Peter, and thus Christ and eternal heaven, or anti-Peter Bergoglio, and thus antichrist and eternal hell.


Dear orthodox Catholic Cardinals and orthodox Catholic Bishops, stop the self-destructive process of the Catholic Church and acknowledge C. M. Viganò as the rightful Pope!

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate hereby also addresses all sincere orthodox Catholics to express in an online petition (http://chng.it/cXPQPYyNBs) their belonging to orthodox Catholic Pope C. M. Viganò.

On behalf of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate,


+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate
+ Methodius OSBMr                       + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops
28 October 2019


Download: Judas and the Amazon Synod (28/10/2019)