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C. M. Viganò’s response to the so-called House of the Abrahamic Family (+video)

Post date:   2019-12-03
Autor:   BCP


C. M. Viganò’s response to the so-called

House of the Abrahamic Family


On November 6, 2019, Carlo Maria Viganò gave a longer interview to LifeSiteNews, in which he responded as the supreme authority in the Church to the crime of idolatry committed against the First Commandment at the Amazon Synod.

A few days later, Viganò responds to another crime against the First Commandment, namely Bergoglio’s initiative to convert the Catholic Church into a global New Age religion through integration into the so-called Abrahamic Family of Universal Brotherhood in Abu Dhabi.

On November 15, 2019, Francis Bergoglio received in audience the Grand Imam accompanied by various personalities. They talked about the document on human fraternity signed by him and the Imam in February this year. The meeting offered the opportunity to present a specific project of the Temple of Universal Brotherhood. What did Carlo Maria Viganò, as the supreme magisterial and pastoral authority, say on this?

Carlo Maria Viganò compared this house to the Tower of Babel. He said: The building of the House of the Abrahamic Family appears like a Babelesque enterprise, designed by the enemies of God, of the Catholic Church and of the only true religion capable of saving man and the whole creation from destruction, both present as well as eternal and definitive. The foundations of this (Babelesque) “House” are destined to give way and crumble. They arise precisely where, by the hands of the builders themselves, the Only Corner Stone is about to be removed: Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, on whom stands the House of God (1Cor 3:10).”


How is this suicide of the Catholic Church accomplished and where do its roots lie?

In this context, Carlo Maria Viganò mentions Pius XI who warned us against so-called universal brotherhood in his encyclical Mortalium animos. In his article, Viganò continues: In the garden of Abu-Dhabi, the Temple of the World Syncretic Neo-Religion is about to arise with its anti-Christic dogmas. Not even the most hopeful of the Freemasons would have imagined so much! Bergoglio is thus proceeding to a further implementation of the apostasy of Abu Dhabi, the fruit of the pantheistic and agnostic neo-modernism that tyrannizes the Roman Church, germinated from the Council document Nostra aetate. We are forced to recognize it: the poisonous fruits of the “springtime of the Council” are before the eyes of anyone who no longer lets himself be blinded by the prevailing Lie.


Is there continuity between the pre-conciliar and conciliar teaching?

Carlo Maria Viganò said concerning this: “The teachings that preceded Vatican II were thrown to the winds as intolerant and obsolete. The comparison between the pre-conciliar Magisterium and the new teachings of Nostra aetate and Dignitatis humanae — to cite only those — shows a terrible discontinuity, which we must note, and which urgently needs to be amended as soon as possible.


What does the Church need most today?

Carlo Maria Viganò says that today more than ever … the Church needs strong and coherent doctrines. Amid the dissolution… the compromises become more and more sterile, and each of them takes away a shred of truth…


Why is it so important to preserve the unchangeable foundations of faith?

Carlo Maria Viganò explains it as follows: There is a grace tied to the full and integral confession of faith. This confession, the Apostle tells us, is the salvation of those who make it…”


Let us recall a statement of C. M. Viganò from a recent interview about the Amazon Synod:

I would like to mention the following: “With this Synod, as on other occasions, the Catholic Church appears to be aligned with the strategies that dominate the globalist scene and are supported by powerful forces and finance. These strategies are radically anti-human and intrinsically anti-Christian. The agenda even includes the promotion of abortion, gender ideology, and homosexualism, and it dogmatizes the theory of anthropogenic global warming.

For all of us Catholics, the landscape in the Holy Church is becoming darker by the day. The ongoing progressive offensive portends a real revolution, not only in the way the Church is understood, but also in the apocalyptic images it gives to the whole world order.”



Carlo Maria Viganò, as the supreme authority holding Peter’s keys, has taken a clear position on the most topical issues threatening the present-day Church. It concerns the so-called House of the Abrahamic Family of Universal Brotherhood within a new religion, and discontinuity between the pre-conciliar Magisterium and the new teachings of Nostra aetate. He also points out the connection between Pachamama idolatry and the house of a new religion in Abu Dhabi. Both are crimes against the First Commandment and lead to apostasy from the living and true God.

The solution for the present-day Catholic Church is not only prayer and fasting, but also concrete steps of repentance. The first step is to be separated from the invalid Pope Bergoglio.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


November 22, 2019


Download: C. M. Viganò’s response to the so-called House of the Abrahamic Family (22/11/2019)