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The abolition of the religious order Societas Iesu (+video)

Post date:   2019-12-10
Autor:   BCP


The abolition of the religious order Societas Iesu


The need of the time requires an authoritative statement against the repeated apostate activities of the Society of Jesuits. The current line of the Jesuits and the spirit governing this religious order are at complete variance with the agenda of the founder and with the deposit of faith. Although this religious order greatly contributed to the restoration of the Church in the past, their spirit and agenda have changed over the last decades. Instead of defending faith and morals and striving for spiritual restoration, the Jesuits are doing the exact opposite. They no longer have the right to call themselves The Society of Jesus since they have opposed Jesus Christ and His Spirit. “If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.” (Rom 8:9) In the past, this Society was abolished by the Pope. The reason was not heresies at the time. Nowadays, however, this Society promotes heresies whereby it has excluded itself from the Church of Christ. The Jesuits Martin, Czerny as well as the current Superior General Sosa, and particularly the apostate Bergoglio illegitimately occupying the papacy, are glaring examples. Today, the Jesuits deny the fundamental truths of faith and Tradition, and promote paganism, heresies – Chardinism, Neomodernism, syncretism – and immorality. It is quite evident that this religious order does great harm to the Church. Unfortunately, they show no repentance for their apostate activities.

Who should make the fact of their apostasy public to the believers at this time when the papacy is occupied by a heretical Jesuit? And who should preserve the saving truths and God’s laws in the Church?

The Church has been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets (Eph 2:20). In this time of crisis, the prophetic ministry is exercised by the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate. Today this Patriarchate makes public the fact that in accordance with the Scriptures, the apostate Society of Jesuits is under God’s anathema – curse and excommunication.


By authority of the apostolic and prophetic office, in the name of the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, according to Galatians 1:8-9, we hereby declare and publish God’s anathema on the religious order of the Jesuits for the proclamation of a false gospel. This religious order is abolished both before God and before the Church.

We hereby call on all genuine members to leave the apostate structure for the sake of the salvation of their souls because it has expelled the Spirit of Christ and God has rejected it.


Someone may ask: Is this authoritative abolition of the religious order not unjust?

We answer: If St Ignatius of Loyola, its founder, rose from the dead today, he himself would radically abolish this apostate Society at once! These apostates and heretics have opposed God and His commandments and seduced souls en masse to eternal perdition.

This religious order had many saints in the past, but they had the Spirit of God and not the spirit of apostasy which now dominates the Jesuit Order. The Lord warns through the prophet Ezekiel: “When a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity … he shall die and his righteousness which he has done shall not be remembered…” (cf. Eze 3:20)


The Apostle Judas was chosen by Christ. When Jesus sent out the Apostles two by two, he also obediently preached the Gospel and cast out demons. But when Satan entered him, he resisted Christ and His Gospel. Jesus Himself calls him the son of perdition (Jn 17:12).

Even if a vast majority of the Jesuits ignored this prophetic statement about the abolition and continued to preach heresies and promote the path of apostasy, it is not determinative. What they will or will not do is another thing. The prophetic office has the task of safeguarding faith and morals. It exposes spiritual realities, and this is determinative. The Patriarchate has a duty to warn the believers against a hidden spiritual infection which not only is harmful but drags them to eternal perdition!

Sad to say, other religious orders are in the same situation as the Jesuits, but it is not so strong and stubborn in their case. There are still some religious there who fight against the spirit of the world which has already defiled many religious orders.


Religious orders are being purposefully globalized today. They have been infiltrated with the spirit of apostasy through various psychologies, pseudo mysticisms, and openness to paganism, heresies and demoralization. Many religious have turned into New Age workers to the detriment of the Church. The question arises: Would it not be best in this case to abolish all religious orders?

This question is very painful and difficult to answer since it contains a great deal of truth and the reality cannot be ignored. The Vatican is leading religious and those entrusted with the formation of the younger generation of religious in a heretical direction, and introduces demoralizing programmes. All persons consecrated to God thus become gradually contaminated. It is really questionable whether many religious orders have not assumed the role of Judas, serving the Antichrist instead of Christ.

However, it definitely does not mean that all religious orders as well as the system of religious life should be completely abolished in the way it was done by the German Reformation in the 16th century. On the contrary, we find it necessary that the return to the radicality of the Gospel should again start in the reformed monasteries. The priority must be a programme of prayer and the path of continual repentance, which is the way of purification. This can then be followed by the way of illumination and unification. The cross of Christ and the personal relationship to the Crucified must be the centre and the peak. This is impossible without true prayer.


What would the founders of the religious orders probably say today about their spiritual sons and daughters who have embraced the spirit of an anti-gospel?

On the one hand, there would be a danger that these spiritual sons and daughters would exclude their holy founders from their own orders and have them taken to a mental hospital. On the other hand, these founders would certainly pronounce a curse on such religious orders as they have nothing to do with the spirit of the Gospel or with the charism entrusted to them by God. That is why every religious order without exception necessarily needs to be restored. Every religious must start with himself and needs favourable conditions. Without the necessary conditions and the Spirit, the spiritual life will perish. The essence of religious life, namely the daily denial of ego and the following of Christ, must be emphasized again. Without it, religious will end up in pagan meditations, syncretism, materialism, heresies, immorality, and ultimately in hell.

The words of Jesus are clear: “Unless you repent, you will all perish!” (Lk 13:3)


Concluding question: If Jesus Himself stood here in our place, what would He say as to our attitude and declaration of anathema against the religious order of the Jesuits?

He would say nothing else than what we say, because we do His will and from Him we have received a prophetic word. We now hold by His word both before God and the Church.


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr                         + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


2 December 2019


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