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A Ukrainian cannot be a Mason

Post date:   2012-02-17
Autor:   BCP


                                                                                                                                   Government officials of Ukraine


                                         A Ukrainian cannot be a Mason


There are 5 official Masonic lodges in Ukraine. At present, all laws are undergoing radical changes. Both the MPs and President are signing documents without knowing their true essence. If any change in the law is to be made, it must be clearly explained why the law is unsatisfactory. The new version must be carefully examined in order to prevent abuse. The present time of so-called eurostandards and international resolutions is witnessing international frauds intended to manipulate the states and deprive them of all their rights (see PACE Resolution 1728 of 2010 which changed the meaning of the law on gender equality by shockingly presenting it as a free choice of gender, which is colossal nonsense and loss of reason).


Unfortunately, these changes systematically lead to the loss of autonomy and to the moral, spiritual and physical genocide of Ukraine. The means for achieving this is promotion of homosexuality and the juvenile justice system associated with pirate probation service. This criminal “service” will remove children from every family without any real guilt and without trial. They have already trained school psychologists, set up hot lines and boxes in schools where children can bring complaints against their parents. This system coming from the West does not prepare the future generation for responsible parenthood but rather leads to its demoralization and demonization.


We ask: Who initiates absurd changes in legislation at the present time? Who zombifies the government and people of Ukraine? Does the semi-secret Masonic association play any part in this process of autogenocide of Ukraine?


The last bastion of Ukraine’s moral and spiritual values and independence is the Constitution. And now the lobbyists have forced the President into consenting to the process of so-called amendment to, or rather elimination of, the Constitution. We ask: Do the Masons influence the presidential office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture and Education, and the Parliament? The answer was given by an MP in an interview with NBN on 6 February 2012: “I have to state that Freemasons now control the majority in the Parliament. They try to come back to Parliament and control the constitutional majority!”


Most of the Ukrainian Masons were deceived by the Masonic idea of a New World Order and just legislation. In addition, they were told that the Catholic Church had abolished the penalty of excommunication for Catholic believers who were members of the Masonic associations. That was done by apostate Pope John Paul II in a new canon code issued in 1983. Moreover, there is evidence that Freemasons perform their “enlightenment” and globalizing activities in the Vatican too. In Ukraine, there are offshoots of the Order of Stanislaus, Order of St. Michael, Registered Cossacks... Their ceremonies were attended and hence supported by the Catholic hierarchs Husar, Mudryi and Voznyak.


If any of the members of the Government or Parliament have established contact with this semi-secret organization, they ought to realize the following facts:

1) Freemasons do not seek spiritual and economic revival of Ukraine nor her independence but rather her total destruction. No Ukrainian patriot can be a member of this organization.


2) Freemasonic association in its essence is a spiritual organization dedicated to antigod. But its members only learn this at the highest levels of initiation. If a Mason does not repent and dies, his soul will be eternally condemned in the infernal torment.


Testimony of a converted Mason:

What happens is, you get involved in the Masons, and if you know certain things and you know how to say certain keywords and certain signs and certain tokens and certain points of entrance, you are brought into a whole different kind of Masonry that does not involve the normal Masonry that most Masons experience. You begin to learn the “secrets of illuminism”. Those who come to Masonry are already prepared with an occult background. Now that was me. I was already a witch high priest (special psychologist) when I joined the Lodge. And I had all these nice little familiar spirits (actually they were demons) whispering things in my ear, and so when I went through the rituals, I would say certain things with sort of triple off a lever somewhere, and I would be shuttled off the main line of Masonry into the little side spur, so to speak, where all of a sudden I would be taught the deeper mysteries and I would be admitted into the deeper things of the Lodge.


In Illuminism, you go through 5 stages. These are the five steps into the “light”:

1. Adoption: Fellowship with Lucifer. There is a strong spiritual tie created at that moment. Every Mason has this happen to them; and they do not understand that, maybe ninety-nine out of a hundred, but they still go through it.


2. Illumination: The full opening of the “third eye”, Luciferian initiation. Every Mason goes through this too, except that usually it does not work very well for them. The “Master” begins reading solemnly out of the Bible (Genesis 1:1-2) and when he says: “And God said: ‘Let there be light’”, all the Masons in the room clap their hands and the blindfold of the guy’s eyes is removed. This is supposed to alter his consciousness. Gradually you begin to open up your “third eye”. I was deluged in the blinding white light of Lucifer, and I received the consciousness of Lucifer – I was “illuminated”. And what this means is that gradually something happens to your mind, it’s like a satanic virus is introduced into your mind, and just like a computer virus it begins to overwrite the “human software” in your brain with evil: with Satan it’s a lack of compassion, a lack of mercy, you begin to look at human beings as if they were cattle or bugs. This is supposed to bring a quantum leap forward in consciousness and create a higher form of humanity which is called Homo Noeticus (the new man) who is as far above human beings as you are above cats and dogs.


3. Conversation or communion with the “mighty dead”: with Buddha, Zoroaster, Hitler. Gradually this is supposed to increase your level of knowledge, your level of wisdom, your level of occult power.


4. Congress, “marriage with the mighty dead”: what this means is you have to have sex with a fallen angel. And this is a very appalling and bizarre process and it really nearly destroys every human being who has to go through it. It nearly killed me. I went through a formal “marriage” with a fallen angelic being. And there is a Biblical principle at work here which Satan is using. And that is when you have sex with someone, you become one flesh with that person. And what happens at that point is, you become so demon possessed that it’s like burbling up here around your eyeballs. And the result of that is you just become a pretty vile, evil person. It’s almost like you are part of a giant organism, it’s like your brain is just a cell of a larger brain, and the whole thing moves in unison. The only way you can get around this is if you put your faith in Jesus Christ and that’s what happened to me! I mean Jesus can stop this process. I just thank God that Jesus got me out of this before I got to stage five.


5. Union: This is where you become utterly one with Lucifer. There are people like this walking around, people like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson. I know it is very painful to get out of this. I just praise God that He got me out of it before it was too late.


What happens here is you’ve got a whole nest of demons in your mind, and if you even start thinking about betraying the “brotherhood”, if you even start thinking about going to the media or going to talk to somebody, it could be dangerous. These demons know just where the pain centers are in your brain, and they can instantly inflict upon your brain such agony that it makes the pain a woman goes through when she has a baby seem like a walk in a park. And without any kind of outside scarring or any kind of bruising or anything you think you are dying. You wish you would die. And all takes a couple of seconds of that and you rethink your plans to betray the “brotherhood”.


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate appeals to all members of the government who somehow entered into a compact with the devil through this organization to radically break with it. Only then can they be true patriots, and only then can they save their immortal souls. If they do make this step and receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord, He will save the Ukrainian nation through them. If they do not, they will be happy neither on earth nor after death.


We pray for all Members of the Government or Parliament who entered into spiritual unity with the Masonic organization that they may have the courage to make a radical break with this organization and receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.



                                                                                          + Elijah

                                                                Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


                                                                    + Methodius OSBMr     + Timothy OSBMr

                                                                                      Secretary Bishops



                                                                                                                                   Lvov (Ukraine), 9 February 2012





- Presidents of the EU Member States and MEPs

- U.S. President and Congress

- President and State Duma of the Russian Federation

- Ex-Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican prelates

- Mass media

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