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Stop to autogenocide of Ukraine and Russia

Post date:   2012-10-24
Autor:   BCP


                                                                                                                The Governments of Ukraine and Russia


                        Stop to autogenocide of Ukraine and Russia


The ideology of global reduction of mankind seeks the spiritual, moral and physical genocide. Its main actors are: the United Nations, world bankers and Masonic lodges which, through the mediation of international structures, govern world politics. A world war unleashed with the aim of reducing humanity is guided by an antichristian system of professional lie which is being established worldwide. The basic principle applied in this war is “voluntary” self-destruction. The main object of attack is no military bases but small defenceless children. The most effective way to achieve their spiritual, moral and eventually physical destruction is to prevent their happy childhood, to tear them away from their loving parents, to rob them of a warm family home, and to make them homeless misfits exposed to violence, lawlessness, demoralization and satanization. Eventually these children become programmed biorobots who after several felonies end by suicide. The strategy used in this war is psychological manipulation and systematic deception on the part of the official authorities. People still do not allow for the fact that they are being deceived by the official state institutions, official documents, and even by their own state laws. This deception strategy is used in order to avoid any resistance and to make this war as efficient as possible. By means of psychological methods every nation as well as every individual will actually secure their own self-destruction. If someone wanted to save the manipulated victim, one would immediately meet with resistance.


One of the methods of this Third World War is planned madness which denies the most basic experience concerning the family and the upbringing of children. The so-called new “experts” and architects of planned reduction or genocide of humanity, inspired by hell, have invented not human but satanic projects of demonization and satanization of the future generation. They have built two basic pillars for the purpose: gender-gay ideology and juvenile justice. Gender-homosexualism with the so-called rights of sexual minorities promotes perversion of the highest calibre: not only paedophilia but also zoophilia, necrophilia... Within the framework of this programme, the UN has introduced so-called sex education from the age of 5. Using a variety of lofty phrases, such as “children’s rights”, “elimination of violence in the family”, it programmes the cruellest tyranny in human history. This will result in extinction of one nation after another. Today, small nations like Finland, Norway or Holland are practically dying out.


As a result of elimination of moral values, elimination of the institution of the family, elimination of a normal healthy upbringing, elimination of the ability to distinguish between good and evil, justice and injustice, a new generation of biorobots and criminals will rise. This new generation will justly take revenge on the society that despised the truth, believed a lie and opened the door to the most brutal system. This generation will out-Herod Herod and become the most ruthless tyrant towards its own nation.


Who is most to blame for this whole system of autogenocide of the nations is the Catholic hierarchy along with the Protestant Churches which have accepted the spirit of the world with genocidal antimorality. Hypocritical phrases with an air of piety are a mere guise. This apostate hierarchy denies the fundamental truths of the faith. By receiving the spirit of Assisi – the spirit of antichrist – they betrayed the Gospel of Christ (Gal 1:8-9). The fruit of heresy and syncretism is immorality. Reports of paedophile scandals in the Catholic Church have spread from America through Ireland to Australia. However, hypocritical hierarchy is reluctant to repent in earnest. Many Protestant Churches have fully accepted these new homosexual antimorals (e.g.: the Bishop of Stockholm is a public lesbian). These fallen-away anti-Churches have turned into a spiritual Babylon and the harlot of antichrist. These anti-Churches are a strategic part of the genocidal plan of satanization of humanity!


Mechanisms of the juvenile justice system include so-called mediation and probation.

What is mediation? Mediation removes solid court proceedings and belongs to so-called restorative justice. The mediator, as a third party, always seeks to resolve a dispute in such a way as to prevent a trial, documentary evidence, justice and observance of the laws. In the juvenile mechanism system mediators are informers who chase after children and families and fabricate charges.


Probation service is competent without any justification to take a child from any family or from school and place it in a foster family. And this can be done in one day without a trial and without any real cause. Children are removed, placed in foster families and only then the probation service fabricates the reason for changing their so-called temporary removal into permanent one. In addition, children circulate so quickly among the foster families that for example in the Netherlands one does not even know after some time where the child really is.


What is the so-called foster family? Foster family is an artificial structure. One cannot speak of real, permanent adoption of a child. It is basically uncontrollable, cynical and nefarious trafficking of children. This structure is promoted by villainous architects of the UN, EU, PACE and other supranational organizations. Children’s homes and infant care institutions are being dissolved and it is hypocritically justified with noble terms like a transfer of children into family forms of education.

In fact, it is a clever manoeuvre under the guise of charity work with the view of establishing without any resistance a cruel mechanism of foster families, which will ultimately lead to moral destruction of children stolen from happy families.


Children move from one foster family to another. They not only lose a family home but also safety. Commercial motivation is abnormal. In Norway, the so-called foster “family” business enterprise gets € 9,000 per child a month. We ask: What for? Answer: For ruining the minds of future generations, tearing them away from parental love, protection and sound upbringing. This is what this newly established system will do.

Today foster parents are homosexuals, lesbians, paedophiles, drug addicts, alcoholics and cynical businessmen for whom the children are a gold mine. What absurd process of law in the state! Have perhaps the deputies elected by the people lost their conscience and common sense? How can they approve such brutal laws? They do so because the whole system is masked by the highest authority, namely the UN, Council of Europe, EU, charitable funds ... and the Church is hypocritically silent on the crimes! Moreover, legislative terminology is unclear and those who are not acquainted with the genocidal ideology are easily deceived by lofty terms which are a guise for most felonious projects. Normal people are passive because they find it hard to believe that such a crime could exist and that it could come through the official government, official law and under the terms like justice, freedom, protection... It is the biggest international deceit in history.


This whole criminal system needs to produce biorobots who will perpetrate the most cynical crimes. Therefore, it will perform electrotherapy or surgical intervention on children taken away from their loving parents, the latter involving removal of an amount of brain tissue. The fact is that it has already been made law in some countries (Canada). Such crimes were not even committed by fascist criminals in concentration camps against the prisoners who were condemned to death.

If children go through this criminal system, they become programmed criminals and it is practically impossible for them to ever become normal people. Tyranny which they experience causes a wound in their souls which then become a source of hatred, vengeance and cynicism. This is really a change in thinking, a disorder of the human mind. The facts have been published about the criminal programming of children’s minds: alpha, beta and delta.

Alpha – the preparatory phase, psychological manipulation and electroshocks...

Beta – sexual violence, paedophilia, homosexuality...

Delta – criminal programmes of sadism, murders and subsequent suicide.


This is how children’s minds are to be changed in accordance with the genocidal plan of current criminal structures of the UN, world bankers and Masonic architects of genocide.


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate calls upon the Ukrainian and Russian Governments and all MPs to cancel the ratification of fraudulent conventions, recommendations and resolutions of the UN, EU and PACE. We appeal to Russia and Ukraine to send away all foreign so-called charitable organizations and funds with their destructive projects. We demand the annulment of all enacted laws and draft laws relating to gender-gay ideology and juvenile justice! We call on both nations to break with the CE. Russia and Ukraine have sufficient natural resources and can save themselves from losing their state sovereignty in the “stinking cowshed” of the present-day immoral Western Europe. It is necessary to make this revolutionary step. It is also necessary to dissolve the supranational secret Masonic organization and its branches, which cooperate in the preparation of autogenocide of Ukraine and Russia.


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate calls on all Christians to begin this year through continuous prayer to call upon God for salvation. Each participant can pray the so-called holy hour from 8 to 9 p.m. at home every day and another one hour (according to one’s choice) during one week in the month (see http://vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=3823). God wants to save Ukraine and Russia from autogenocide prepared by traitors of the nation and supranational structures.



                                                                                          + Elijah

                                                            Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



                                                                + Methodius OSBMr       + Timothy OSBMr

                                                                                 Secretary Bishops



                                                                                                                             Lvov (Ukraine), 10 October 2012



- Members of the Parliament of Ukraine and of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

- Church representatives of Ukraine and Russia

- Mass media



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